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About Changeling Aspects

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You might have guessed, we live in Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

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NOW, About Changeling Aspects: the Group.

  • ( Transsexualism is also known as: Harry Benjamin's Syndrome = HBS )

  • Changeling Aspects is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, which is solely self-funded.

Our aim was to help where we can, with information and advice to enable the reader, whether they be Transsexual or just wanting to understand someone they know who is Transsexual, to make the next step along the way. This can be to make a move towards becoming the new gender or returning possibly to a previous position.

Transsexualism is a serious condition which requires a total change of life, it is NOT a mere fancy or fetish - conditions such as Cross-Dressing, etc, are completely different to Transsexualism. For more information, please see the page "Transsexualism" on this Website.

Not everyone who starts transitioning will complete the whole journey; some will stop before any op and some will decide that staying in their present position or returning wholly to their previous state is what they can most easily undertake with their life.

There are many links on these pages.

The links have been vetted for accuracy where possible and contain many other links that we may not be able to verify.

Some of the links are off web and refer to books and maybe films that are also instructive or informational.

Whilst we can offer no guarantees, we at Changeling Aspects have 'been through the mill' ourselves, and have tested the system from different aspects. Hence we can generally give sound advice from personal, real-life experiences.

There are some pages which are going to be depressing and some which will be uplifting, take them all in before you pass judgement.

Websites around the world are changing every day and we cannot possibly keep apraised of every change to the dozens of websites we have links to from our website - ( but we try ), so please let us know if there are any broken or missing 'links' on our site.

  • We are also aware that there are parents and guardians who are in real need of information and support.

  • Please see: "For The Parents of Gender-Variant Children", which is on this website, and/or please feel free to contact us using the links or phone numbers provided if you need any information that isn't on these pages.

Changeling Aspects History to Date

by Founder & President: The late Kathy Anne Noble

In January 2002, with the help of the hospital board, I set up Changeling Aspects as a support group for people with Transsexualism, while they were in hospital on the Gold Coast - (Qld. Australia), recovering from having Sex Re-assignment Surgery -SRS.

This involved visits to those who would otherwise have been without visitors, or wanting to speak with someone who was also Transsexual.

The Gold Coast venue however, stopped doing SRS in July 2004.

I also introduced Agender to Australia in June 2002, as an adjunct to Changeling Aspects, allowing us to evolve and later diversify, as we did early in 2005.

The primary reason for setting up both Changeling Aspects and Agender Australia: one was to help people who suffering with Transsexualism, or consider themselves to be so, and the other was to provide a base for educational support for health care workers, institutions of higher learning and government bodies, etc..

We will continue under both banners for as long as people require us to do so, but have now essentially merged the two groups into one, and are beginning to find that the educational facet is developing into the focus of our efforts, due to the current limit of our funds, time and energy.

We are not a counselling organisation, but work on the experiences of the people involved, the experiences they have encountered on their journey towards achieving transition and SRS.

As mentioned earlier, it was decided that Changeling Aspects would remain the dominant force for Queensland, but would stay affiliated to our associate groups, such as Agender (NSW).

We are now in the situation of being involved in education, lecturing and lobbying government departments, and generally, fighting for the rights and dignity of people suffering from Transsexualism.

This is the main concern and activity for Changeling Aspects now.

Kathy Anne Noble

Kathy's Writings And Kathy's Komments

Changeling Aspects, In affiliation with -(Aust) & -(Townsville)

We are based in South East Qld, in AustraliaAbout Us ... Contact Us ( Most Art above are extracts from the Art of Maxfield Parrish )

ALL "WebSites &/or Links" contain additional Links to further "WebSites". It is important to learn everything you can! But, Not all information is useful or validated, so use your own judgement.

Websites around the world are changing every day, so please let us know if there are any broken 'links' on our site.

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