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The 11th Hour


An Inconvenient Truth - Digital Download Now - ( From Amazon.Com )

An Inconvenient Truth - Educator's Resource - ( FREE Downloads )

Jackgreen has agreed to make available a free copy of the DVD to all secondary schools in Australia

25th January, 2007

Jackgreen announced today that it has partnered the DVD release of "An Inconvenient Truth", with Paramount Home Entertainment Australia. As part of the release, Jackgreen has agreed to make available a free copy of the DVD to all secondary schools in Australia and encourage the students to take up a carbon reduction challenge. Further initiatives will be announced in the near term.

Also: a "Must Read" Book: ( here below - pdf )

Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals Are Plundering the Country and Hijacking Our Democracy 

A Book by: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.     - ( 704 KB )

Excerpt from the Stern Report on "Global Warming"

"That's why I'm optimistic - having done this review - that we have the time and knowledge to act. But only if we act internationally, strongly and urgently." ......."We can't wait the five years it took to negotiate Kyoto - we simply don't have the time.

We accept we have to go further (than Kyoto)."  - Sir Nicholas Stern

Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 00:32 GMT

The Denial Machine

Reporter: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation- Broadcast: 26/02/2007

For years the global warming debate has swirled like a firestorm. Science has been tossed about in a tornado of spin from doomsayers and doubters, deep green activists and fossil fuel lobbyists.

How did the future of the planet become such a political battleground?

A few weeks ago the pre-eminent body of climate scientists, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, reaffirmed that global warming is real, happening now and very likely caused by human activity.

Late last year a report to the British Government likened the potential economic impact of global warming to the two world wars and the Great Depression.        Yet some scientists insist that climate change, if it’s happening at all, could be a good thing.

This report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation investigates the campaign to deny the science of global warming and slow international action against it. It tracks the activities of a small group of North American scientists, some of whom previously worked for Big Tobacco and who are now receiving donations from large oil and coal interests. It also examines how key planks of the fossil fuel industry’s case were adopted by governments in the US and Canada…

As Australia stews over how far it should go to combat greenhouse emissions, "The Denial Machine" goes behind the debate -

on Four Corners 8.30 pm Monday 26 February, ABC TV.- ( Australia )

Reduce your environmental footprint

Download the WWF toolbar

What Price Global Warming??

Global Warming: Frequently Asked Questions (from NOAA)

El Niño/La Niña


Additional Resources Re: Endocrine Disruptors Around You.

Our Stolen Future

Body Burden — The Pollution in Newborns

A Benchmark Investigation Of Industrial Chemicals, Pollutants And Pesticides In Umbilical Cord Blood Environmental Working Group, July 14, 2005

How Strong is the Evidence of a Link Between Environmental Chemicals and Adverse Effects on Human Reproductive Health

Environmental Working Group- (EWG)


Main Issues Index

Release of Interactive Personal Care Product Safety Guide - Reader Friendly Version

Skin Deep -Brand-by-Brand Assessment Will Allow Consumers to Choose Safer Products

Skin Deep is a personal care product safety guide with in-depth information on 14,841 products - 1,052 brands of lotion, lip balm, deodorant, sunscreen and other popular products - and the 7,093 ingredients that form them. With its core of 37 toxicity and regulatory databases, Skin Deep provides safety ratings and brand-by-brand comparisons that can help consumers choose safer products.

Beauty Secrets

How Toxic chemicals linked to birth defects are being found at alarming levels in women of childbearing age.

For Immediate Release: October 14, 2005 Contact: EWG Public Affairs,

(WASHINGTON) — Environmental Working Group (EWG) will unveil a vastly expanded version of its interactive personal care product safety guide for consumers, "Skin Deep," Monday, Oct. 17. The searchable database features brand-by-brand safety rankings and in-depth information on over 14,000 shampoos, lotions, deodorants, sunscreens and other products from almost 1,000 brands. In Skin Deep, consumers can create customized product lists for their personalized safety needs — products free of carcinogens and fragrance, for instance — while manufacturers can construct one-of-a-kind safety assessments rating all their product ingredients at once and aiding in reformulation plans. EWG designed this service to fill safety gaps left by an industry that has publicly assessed only 11 percent of the 10,500 ingredients the government has documented in personal care products.

WHAT: "Skin Deep" release…WHEN: Monday, Oct. 17, 2005, 9 am EDT


Gender Benders & Endocrine Disruptors Around You

Gender-Benders: How Safe are Chemicals in Cosmetics? -- A Guest Commentary

October 11, 2005 — By Joyce H. Newman, The Green Guide

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