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As a Transsexual why would you be put on an Oral Contraceptive to induce change before you undergo SRS? There are 2 main Oral Contraceptives that I am concerned with, one is Microgynon and the other is Diane 35. The first contains Oestrogen and Progesterone and has to be taken in conjunction with Aldactone as a Testosterone block and to help reduce facial and body hair growth. However Diane 35 contains Oestrogen [ethinyloestradiol] and Cyproterone which is used as a chemical castration agent to block Testosterone, as well as hair growth and acne in Women. To be able to have Androcur/Cyproterone under Australian law you have to have had SRS, but it would appear that Diane 35 could be a convenient way to get around this, as it can be purchased over the counter once a prescription is issued, without having to be authorised by Canberra.

Androcur/Cyproterone is given to reduce the Male sex drive and is used as a chemical castration for Molesters. These people are classed as Sexual Deviants and believe it or not, so are Transsexuals according to the Dictionary. I take exception to this as Transsexualism is a state of Mind/Gender, not a forceful act of Molestation.

Androcur/Cyproterone is also given to women for Hirsutism and extreme acne. If given in the Pill then of course if stopped to become pregnant there should be no problem. If taken on its own and not part of the pills ingredient, if not stopped in pregnancy it may lead to signs of Feminisation of the Male foetus. If this happens, it presupposes how many like me will there be in the future and how many have already been caused? Also it should not be taken during lactation as small amounts of Cyproterone acetate are excreted in breast milk. Does this lead to Feminisation also?

Some of the tests done on rats and mice are inconclusive with regard

to Carcinogenic potential.


Impairs Spermatogenesis in the Male gradually. Can cause gynaecomastia sometimes combined with tender-ness to touch of the breast. Some Liver disturbance, with some being severe with high dose treatment. Other effects have been Galactorrhoea, Sleep disturbances, Hot flushes, Tachycardia, Dysmenorrhoea, Vaginal discharge, Skin discolouration, Striae, Allergic reactions, and increased Libido.


Only taken for 10 days of the month for Hirsutism. Taken between the 5th and 14th day of the monthly cycle. 1 tablet of 50 mg per day. For severe cases 2x50mg to be taken daily with some liquid and after a meal. The length of the treatment depends on the severity on the pathological signs of Androgenization and response to treatment. Treatment is usually over several months initially. Acne and Seborrhoea Usually respond sooner than Hirsutism and Alopecia. Hirsutism and Alopecia are likely to recur when treatment is stopped. Does this mean that Transsexuals are on Androcur/Cyproterone for life in order to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair?


Reduction of drive in Sexual Deviation.

Individual dose will be determined by response. Generally started with 1x50mg tablet twice daily. It maybe necessary to increase the dosage to 2x50mg tablets twice daily, or even 2x50mg tablets three times daily for a short period. The therapeutic effect should be maintained with the lowest possible dose. Quite often a half tablet twice a day is sufficient. To stabilize the therapeutic effect it is necessary to take Androcur/Cyproterone over a protracted period of time, if possible with the simultaneous use of Psychotherapeutic measures. Tablets to be taken with some fluid after meals.

In the case of inoperable prostatic carcinoma to suppress LHRH analogue "flare"—300mg/day which maybe reduced to 200mg/day.

In long term palliative treatment—after orchiectomy,2x50mg tablets once to twice per day. Without orchiectomy 2x50mg tablets 2 to 3 times daily.

In the treatment of hot flushes—low initial dose with upward titration if necessary.

Diane 35 contains just 2mg of Cyproterone. Diane 50 contains 10mg, not really much good for our needs surely.

Most of the data here has been extracted from the very long print out that goes with the Drug when you purchase it. I hope again that it may make Transsexuals think about what is being put into their bodies! I for one like to know exactly what I am taking and the relative side effects that can occur. I do not believe that we ask enough questions about the drugs we are being given, and as it is our bodies that can suffer if we are not properly monitored on a regular basis, we should insist on regular checks. This may well be the cause of many failures both before and after SRS. I personally now insist on all the tests plus Prolactin as this should be monitored as well as was pointed out in my other piece "Drugs are Dangerous". You have gone to all this trouble to get where you are currently, so don’t let the wrong combination of drugs spoil your new way of life.

Kathy Anne Noble.

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