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A Synopsis of Transsexualism - ( Harry Benjamin Syndrome )

by Kimmie Field


The purpose of these pages is to have a helpful focus on the condition known as Transsexualism- and many of the issues involved with the condition.

  •         ( Transsexualism is also known as: Harry Benjamin Syndrome – HBS )

  •         ( Transsexualism is also known as: Converse Neurological-Intersex  = CNI )

  •        ( Transsexualism is also known as: TransSexual = TS )

  •        Also, we will often refer to the ‘Transsexual versus Transgender’ debate because it is a strong contributor to the confusion plaguing the campaign for understanding of the condition known as Transsexualism.

  •          For a “Link” to understand some of the numerous and confusing Terms used, please see: Transsexual and Transgendered Glossary


We, Harry Benjamin Syndrome sufferers, do share a few issues with transgendered minorities and L.G.B.* communities (e.g.: bias against us), but the similarities with them beyond this point are too complex to explain in this small discourse and we will not attempt to enter into debate over it here.

We are also not attempting to show the entire L.G.B.T.I.* picture (it is too vast), nor attempting to give all the answers, but we will attempt to shed a few small spots of light on the troubled and contentious waters of “Transsexualism”.  Many of the issues of this conundrum are inexorably intertwined with each other and with similarly daunting questions, and the resulting mêlée of semantics that we as a society find ourselves in, has been pondered by numerous specialists and lay-people alike for many years, as yet, no easy conclusive answers have been found.

* Note:   L.G.B.T.I. = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex.

Yet we will attempt to be concise, as covering all subjects and all detail would be impossible and it would certainly be overwhelming for the reader, and for that reason we have made a minimal selection of subjects, to best and briefly illustrate a very complex matter …………


  •        “Men substitute words for realities, and then talk about the words.”

Edwin Armstrong


This is especially true when any mention of the condition known as, “Transsexualism” is made.

Despite an individual substantiating their hypothesis using naïve-logic and broad assumptions, soon, those assumptions are all forgotten and only their conclusions are remembered as ‘fact’.  

This is frequently true when some of these individuals are valued ‘experts’ and academics from Universities and other various Institutions of Research and Higher Learning.  They ‘read and write’ articles about “Transsexualism”, (as they have studied it in these socially revered bastions of learning and knowledge), but does this make them infallible commentators on “Transsexualism”

In addition, there is a tendency to over-simplify and over-generalise by ‘broad-brushing’ (suspect)-conclusions and terminologies, to all cases in general.  This has been a ubiquitous flaw in the medical and professional worlds, and is all too prevalent in the general public as well.

Words” are wonderful and powerful, but are in fact the problem here.  To date, most of what is said &/or written about Transsexualism is opinion, spread eloquently and liberally however, with morsels of truth to give it an apparent sense of validity.  Despite tomes of material being written &/or said about this condition, simple fundamentals are often lost in the oceans of speculation flooding the public, private and medical worlds of today’s society.

When it comes to “Transsexualism” in Australia, there is inadequate, or even, no up-to-date data, or valid contemporary studies in the existing University Syllabus for the true nature of “Transsexualism” to be taught! 

What little is available in the syllabus, stems from a time when Freud’s “Penis-Envy-Theory” was still being taught as ‘fact’ and women still didn’t have “the vote”.  And yet, to this day, this archaic “conjecture” about Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) is still thought of as ‘fact’.  This outdated speculation is hard to move when it’s been entrenched as ‘fact’ for so long, but sometimes ‘flat world’ paradigms need to be amended when there is data available to prove them wrong. 

Continued (albeit inadvertent) “institutionalised prejudice” creates unnecessary burdens on people already plagued by societal discrimination, which is too frequently established from previous “institutionalised prejudices” which were based on biased speculation in the first place… quite a spiral….

The needs of people with Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) in overcoming societal and institutionalised prejudice, and what they must endure in order to reach their true selves, bears no relationship to what the members of the transgender or L.G.B. community contend with!  Only a rare few educated ‘experts’ will attempt to understand the differences, but even then, the vast majority are coming from a space of outdated, theoretical, book-learned knowledge.

  •        Analogy:

A Male-Doctor tries to genuinely understand how a woman in-labour is feeling, despite caring a great deal, and telling her that he understands what she is going through, he cannot possibly, fully comprehend, or feel, the pain and emotions she is enduring as she gives birth, …… and he never will, …… it is a unique experience that only other mothers will ‘fully’ empathise with and genuinely understand.

It is a similar situation for people with Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism); we have medical care workers of all kinds telling us that they know what we are going through, because they have read a book on the subject.  As much as they may care, they cannot possibly understand or empathise with the intensity of the condition, just as males will never understand or empathise with the intensity of childbirth, ( but it’s nice when & if they at least try..)

In addition, due to current Mandated Guidelines ( HBIGDA SOCver.06 )*, we are required to undergo exhaustive examinations, (ad-infinitum, ad-nauseum), to establish (what we already know) that we do indeed, according to the doctors, suffer with Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism)..

* Note:   ( ( HBIGDA )-now>( WPATH ) SOC ) = The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association's, Standards Of Care.

We do not wish to have our legal rights, social, ethical and personal responsibilities expropriated (as they are under these guidelines).

We are perfectly capable of holding dominion over our own lives and bodies.

We are sensitive enough however, to be aware that there are a few people who do suffer from G.I.D.* or simply have no idea what their lifelong feelings amount to, and for this reason a professional assessment is of enormous benefit to these people, but should it be mandatory for all, as it is now?

* Note:   G.I.D.  -  Gender Identity Dysphoria

Despite many psychologists’ book learned opinions that these people with G.I.D. suffer from Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism), the reality is that a person with Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) does NOT suffer from G.I.D., only some Transgendered people do.  So we do suffer terribly from many psychologists and other Health Care Workers not knowing the difference between Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) and Transgenderism. 

We also suffer the many psychological consequences of ignorance and discrimination, and since personal, societal and institutionalised prejudice are not going to go away overnight, psychologists’ assistance in fighting this prejudice, not propagating it, would be helpful.

This would require however, the medical/psyche fraternity as a whole, undertaking to fully learn about our condition, so that they are aware of, and able to relate to, and understand us. Above all else, we would expect people who are in the exclusive position of saying ‘yes or no’ to our advancement to Sex-Reassignment-Surgery-( SRS ), to actually be trained to do so.

To have, as is currently the practice, people who are mostly unaware of how to assist us being our gatekeepers-(whether we want it or not), is not Professional or Ethical. There are too few who are able to understand us, and therefore most often we are delivered the wrong prognosis and/or treatment. 

This has shown to be life threatening or life destroying to a Transsexual  person who has suffered enormously already, and has only come to the Medical Practitioner with this ‘subject’ when their lives have become utterly unbearable, and their attempts to “deal with it” themselves in every other way possible, have been futile.  They have come to the “Critical Mass” point of their lives, but then to be “put off” for another few months just to wait for yet another “interview”, without a clear understanding from the MD on the seriousness of the situation, can be fatal for a person with Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism).

This being said, as time and society progress, hopefully people will be more educated about Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) and ‘the subject’ won’t be viewed with such presumptions, bias, hostility and misunderstandings (as they currently are); then, people with the condition will feel more comfortable discussing it with others before it becomes a life threatening anxiety, and hopefully, their lives will never reach the potentially fatal “Critical Mass” point that Transsexual people (of all ages) of previous generations have come to so frequently.  (see Life Stories )

The main distinction however, between ourselves - Transsexual-(TS), and the transgender-(TG) community is that: we have to change our lives and our bodies permanently in order to suit our ‘biological brain-gender’, and not just our clothes occasionally to suit our mood. 

We have to bare our inner most feelings in order to be given “permission” for a therapeutic pharmaceutical hormone regime of any kind and later for SRS.  We have to under-go “surgery” of various kinds, if we can afford it, in order to fully live our gender.  We have to present for “intimate”-body-inspections and reports, to prove that we are now either male or female, and especially after Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) when applying for a new Birth Certificate etc, ……. how demeaning!

If it is necessary for the medical fraternity to sit in judgment of us, as is currently required by the unwritten, but prevalent practice, then they should do so from a depth of learning that has been acquired from experience with genuine Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism), and/or “revised” and valid University courses and legitimate contemporary research data.

Most of what is deemed as understanding or knowledge about us will only come from genuine learning, unless of course, you yourself suffer from Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism).  At present, as there are no courses specifically on Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism), one wonders as to how the people, who are sanctioned to ‘deal’ with us, can claim to be “Specialists”?

On what grounds do they lay claim to this area of expertise?

Little of the above applies to the L.G.B. &/or transgender experience, in as much as they do not have to “declare” themselves, and there is no legal requirement on them to do so. They are not required to change all “identity” documentation in order to be “accepted”, as we do!  We have to apply for a name change, passport, drivers license, Birth Certificate and every other ancillary legal document that must be changed for a Transsexual person, without which, society reacts rather unapologetically with an aggressive-prejudice reminiscent of attitudes centuries past, but regrettably, is still alive and well.

Surely, in this new Millennium, it is time that we had a bona-fide voice in Academia and all other areas of Health, Welfare, Education and Legislation, in order that our situation is given the facility of part of the core-curriculum for learning about our true condition, which is a recognised ‘biological’ medical condition, and not a mental aberration, nor a disease to be ‘cured’, nor a turpitude to be ‘purified or exonerated’ as the religious fundamentalists insist.

At present, nothing of significance, or even resembling validated contemporary scientific findings, is taught about (G.I.D.)- Gender Dysphoria, nor about Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism), nor the ability to know the difference. Up-to-date knowledge of these subjects has to be acquired by individual medical practitioners, as they come into contact with us!

It appears prejudicial to us that courses are included for the Sexual-Orientation issues, such as for L.G.B. issues in the curriculum, but nowhere is there any valid knowledge of Gender-Issues, such as Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) disseminated, further to which, the appellation of “Transgender” is used (in error) as an Umbrella term to label all people with gender issues of any kind, and this along with ‘assumptions’, implies that Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) is a variation of transvestism etc, or vice-versa, which of course, it is NOT.

Further to this, Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) is an issue of congenital Gender Identity, the core identity of any individual. In most cases a person’s gender identity is consistent with their physical identity and therefore they have some difficulty distinguishing the two from each other because they have grown to adulthood feeling the two parts to be one - ( Genitals and Chromosomes neither define nor dictate gender identity ).  This however, has not prevented a raging debate in the Medical world over the issue of “Nature V’s Nurture”.  Gender identity was long thought by doctors to be an issue that could be manipulated psychologically.  A major advocate of this theory was Dr. John Money in the USA, who’s experiment with identical-twin Canadian boys, turning one of them into a girl at an early age, was a tragic error of medical science, (both twins committed suicide recently). 

Dr. John Money’s (erroneous) theory was that “gender identity” was strictly a matter of nurture and that it was neutral at birth and could be ‘taught’ or ‘conditioned’.   What Dr. John Money did not know at the time, was that Gender Identity is set ‘in-utero’ in a section of the brain which has sexually dimorphic nuclei* which gives an individual their life-long, irreversible instinctive gender identity. 

* Note:  ( Sexually Dimorphic Nucleus In The Ovine Medial Preoptic Area/Anterior Hypothalamus )

People suffering from Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) have sexually-dimorphic-nuclei which are the opposite to the sex of their physical bodies, this creates internal conflict which in turn creates intense anxiety for the individual, and societal demands to conform with the appearance of the outer body, ( in the case of a MtF -Transsexual, the child is told to ‘be a man’ sort of thing ), just makes things far worse than they are to begin with.

In addition, Gender Identity is a completely separate issue from Sexual Orientation.  

Gender Identity is also referred to as Sexual Identity, (which I know is very confusing, … this is the situation in the scientific world at the moment, there is no consensus on semantics, and we end up with all sorts of confusion and debates generated by different names used for the same conditions, or worse, the same names being used for different conditions).

BUT please be clear on one issue, neither Gender-Identity nor Sexual-Identity should be confused with Sexual-Orientation.

Sexual-Orientation (which is the type of sexual attraction one has for others), varies throughout the entire world's population, as it also varies amongst people suffering from Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism), in this respect we are no different from the rest of the world, despite what may be said about us.


A note on the Intersex debate:   Although Intersexed individuals have long been known to have “biologically” observable symptoms to ‘prove’ their conditions, Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) was labelled “a mental disease” because no biological basis could (at that time) be found for it, …until now, as technology and medicine advances, we now have ways of detecting a “biologically” observable aetiology for Transsexualism, also see "A Sex Difference in the Human Brain and its Relation to Transsexuality".  The new evidence is a radical departure from the well ensconced theories of the past, and this is why there has been so much additional confusion and controversy surrounding Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism). 

Even the Intersex community has rejected initial claims that Transsexualism was an Intersex condition, but to be fair, “Intersex” as a “Condition” has already been established as a Condition of the Physical body (the Phenotype), and what the various doctors are saying about Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism), is that it is a new ‘type’ of Intersex condition.   

It is nothing at all like the intersex conditions previously labelled as such, in fact it probably has a very different aetiology and certainly has very different physical manifestations of the condition, however it is an Intersex condition of the brain not the body, a Congenital Neurological-Intersex condition.  The other confusing part of this whole muddle is that some people with an “Intersex” condition may be considered to have a “Transsexual” condition as well, simply because the sex of their brain is NOT the sex (or gender) which was assigned to them at birth (because the doctors couldn’t, or assigned them with the wrong gender).  The other interesting issue is that there is a higher than average incidence, with Transsexuals, of CAH and PAIS, which have been linked with EDCs, which in turn, have also been linked with Transsexualism.  The differences between people with Transsexual conditions and people with Intersex conditions are many, and the similarity of definition may be purely academic, perhaps one similarity is that the scientific world simply don’t understand us enough to go labelling us. 

  •        In Summary

Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) is a medical condition, it does not develop over time, we are born with it, it is not a lifestyle, nor is it a 'sexuality', (despite what its name, invented more than half a century ago, may imply), it is also known as Harry Benjamin Syndrome – HBS, and it is a Congenital Neurological-Intersex condition.

We do share issues with Transgendered Minorities and L.G.B. communities (eg: bias against us).

To date, most of what is said about Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) is opinion, spread eloquently and liberally however, with morsels of truth to give it an apparent sense of validity. 

The needs of people with Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism), in overcoming societal and institutionalised prejudice, and what they must endure in order to reach their true selves, bears little relationship to issues of the Transgender or L.G.B. community! 

Gender Identity is a completely separate issue from Sexual Orientation.

We suffer from many Psychologists and other Health Care Workers not knowing the differences between Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism), Transgenderism or Sexuality.

Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) has been found to be a new ‘type’ of Intersex condition; it is an Intersex condition of the brain, a Congenital Neurological-Intersex condition, one which is very different from the Body/Chromosomes Intersex conditions.

When Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) is recognised more widely as a ‘biological’ medical condition, then we will all start the process of eliminating ignorance and prejudice towards those who have suffered greatly already, and reduce the suffering of those young ones yet to come.  The L.G.B. communities have suffered terribly from bigotry and violent prejudice  for centuries ( or more ) and have only recently been removed from the DSMV as a mental disease,  but Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) is still listed there as such (erroneously), just as LGB issues were previously.   Fortunately for the LGB communities, the medical world has seen good sense in removing sexualities as mental diseases, but needs to continue its re-evaluation of Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) as well.   Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) has been around as long as the human race, it’s the prejudice we are trying to eliminate, not those with the condition.  Once the prejudice and ignorance against us has been eliminated, many of the ‘pains’ that we suffer will be eliminated with them.

We would like to say that there is so much more that can be said, and has been said by others, many times over, so we will not pursue “re-inventing the wheel” here, suffice to say that we hope that society will begin to emphasise the commonalities of us all, and stop trying to label us and alienate us from the world because we suffer from a medical-difference that is not easily or quickly understood, … (not yet anyway).

We hope that everything that we have shared with you in this brief discourse, is helpful and that you can find what you’re looking for.  Life is not always as easy as we would like it to be, but we all do what we can, when we can, and share our experiences in an effort to be helpful, hopefully our efforts will in time, make things easier for those who come after us, to help them avoid many of the issues that have made it more difficult than it needs to be for us in the past, we look forward to a happy future with less ignorance and prejudice against our condition. 

Good luck to all of us, in our bid for a fulfilling, prosperous, happy, healthy, love filled life ahead.

A Number 0f Helpful Links.


We will again attempt to be concise, to offer all the possible websites covering these subjects would be almost impossible, and it would certainly be overwhelming to the reader, and for that reason we have made a minimal selection of interesting and informative articles to best and briefly, illustrate a very complex matter.

We have chosen to use this medium, as this allows the reader to access the specific website pages by just using the hyperlinks in this document and then reach out to the broader picture if one wishes to do so.   The "Listings" below are on particular issues and are, simultaneously, introductions to much broader Issues, (the hyperlinks are to be found below each "Listing".)

As our Western Society evolves, many of our past prejudices are being illumined rapidly as we embrace this new millennium, and so they should, it is a credit to our society that such should occur. In keeping with this rapid-advance into our new world, we seek scientific answers to help us rationally unburden ourselves from fear, ignorance, prejudice and ‘flat world’ paradigms. Sometimes this scientific evidence alone is so overwhelming that even the scientific-priesthood is unable to comprehend the complexity of what they have found, so we sometimes need to look to our hearts to find the last few fragments of the puzzle, ethical, humane fragments rather than scientific ones.

These articles are an attempt to help de-stigmatise the Transsexual / Intersex Conditions, and begin to educate, and to eradicate prejudices of all forms towards those who have to live with these conditions every day of their lives.

Each "Listing" has its own particular subject and obviously is of interest in its own right, {particularly those directly related to, and describing issues of Transsexual / Intersex Conditions}, but collectively they also paint an emerging picture of a world where ubiquitous Chemical Pollution has already altered many Transsexual people’s personal destinies, and is now threatening to change not only the quality of our personal lives, but also the very fabric and future of our societies.

Whether Transsexual / Intersex Conditions were as prevalent in previous, ancient societies as it is in our own, is still unknown, however, there is slowly increasing evidence to suggest that an apparent increase in prevalence of these conditions, and conditions similar to them in the animal world, is influenced by ubiquitous Chemical Pollution, specifically EDC’s*.

An unusually high incidence of Transsexual / Intersex Conditions have been linked with chemical irregularities ( D.E.S. ) prescribed to pregnant mothers (world wide… 1940-1970). Ubiquitous Chemical Pollution, another consequence of environmental exploitation, is having a similarly harmful Endocrine Disrupting* affect on our global populations of mammals, which includes humans, this may be the clarion-call to make society aware that Transsexual / Intersex Conditions are true biological conditions.

Looking at the bigger picture however, human evolution and progress has been continuing at the expense of the environment in which it lives, and this is not a new thing according to a leading Professor of  Palaeobiology – Prof. Michael Boulter (For twenty years he has been Secretary and Editor for the International Organisation of Palaeobiology & has been responsible for the development of the Global “Fossil Record 2 Database” -{covering approximately 4,000 Million to 5,000 Million years of evolution on Earth}.- which is the pre-eminent source of data for contemporary scientists). 

In his Book: “Extinction: Evolution And The End Of Man”, Prof. Boulter suggests that the ‘Fossil Record’ shows that Man-(Homo-sapiens) started his exploitation of the environment some 30,000 years ago, starting with the eradication of the Neanderthals and other large mammals of the European continent.  This was followed by a continuous exploitation of every area he came across, until it could no longer sustain his habits, (this has been referred to {by others} as the Easter-Island-Pattern of exploitation, to the point of self-destruction).

Man’s greed, aggression and selfishness is to blame for this monumental exploitation and destruction of the global environment, and that the human race may in fact be exploiting ourselves into extinction much faster than we may imagine.

Prof. Boulter said: “Through a 500-million-year history of life on land, a unique change is taking place. For the first time a mammal species [Man] has evolved that can change the environment, and what’s more we are changing it dramatically, quickly and selfishly.” ...... “Since Nevil Shute’s novel about a nuclear holocaust - ‘On the Beach’ - written in the 1950s, there have been countless tales of the end of man on this planet. Now, it seems, the joke is that we are doing very well on our own, just with our use of fossil fuels.  There is no need for nuclear weapons or the inventions of science fiction writers.  It is our own aggressive selfishness that has led to our lifestyle, and this has evolved its own political system to maintain the status-quo.  Now it’s too late to change and we cannot organise ourselves to stop.  I speculate that our system is in freefall, out of control.” ………

As the World Conservation Union said back in 2004, “Current extinction rates are at least 100 to 1,000 times higher than natural rates found in the fossil record

Extinctions are not the only issues caused by fossil-fuels emissions.  The Global Warming phenomenon, is another subject of import.  It can be viewed in “An Inconvenient Truth” see: “World Environment Sites” within this website.   

In his book and documentary film - An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore is a little more optimistic, ….Only just….. He suggests that we still may have a decade or so left (if we start NOW) before the environmental balance will be pushed over the edge of no return, and that catastrophic global warming will take off by itself.    One effect alone will be the continuing melting of the land-based-ice on Greenland and Antarctica, which will raise sea-levels [globally] some seven to ten metres above their current levels.  And this will occur in our lifetimes.

Over nine hundred eminent world scientists agree unanimously that Global Warming is a fact, and that the only doubts that exist are the ones generated by the Media.  The Media in most cases being affiliated with oil-companies or energy production companies of some kind.

Also see: Crimes Against Nature, How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals Are Plundering the Country and Hijacking Our Democracy”,  a book by: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  …also in: “World Environment Sites” within this website.

Excerpt: “There is growing evidence that dramatic climate change may occur suddenly, a development that has even gotten the Pentagon’s attention.   A report commissioned by Andrew Marshall, the father of Star Wars and the military’s graybeard expert on future strategic threats, describes the human disasters that would occur if the climate shifted abruptly in a decade or two, as happened some 12,000 years ago.  According to this scenario, most of Holland and Bangladesh would be submerged by violent storms and rising seas. Northern Europe would freeze because of disruptions to the Gulf Stream.  Millions of environmental refugees would gather at the frontiers of the developed world, driven by wars, famines, and floods.  Nuclear conflict, megadroughts, and widespread rioting would erupt across the world.  Nations might be forced to expand their military power to defend dwindling food, water, and energy supplies.  The report paints a picture of the United States as a giant gated community insulating itself from the world it helped create, isolated and despised by its angry, jealous neighbors.  Although this outcome is presented as a worst-case scenario, climate change “should be elevated beyond a scientific debate to a U.S. national security concern.””

Australia and USA are the only two nations NOT to sign the Kyoto Protocol, which requires that developed nations reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases 5 percent below the 1990 level during the period 2008 ~ 2012.

Extinctions are also occurring due to Ubiquitous Chemical Pollution, especially the EDCs, which have not just deadly effects on fauna and flora, but also seriously affect the sexual development of all types of fauna, affecting the fertility of the species.   This is also the case with humans. It has been revealed that the average sperm count in humans globally has gone down by 40% over the second half of the 20th century.

Not to mention that the same EDCs that have been suspect in the sperm decline, is also the EDCs which have been proven to be responsible for some cases of Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism), as it affects the in-utero neuro-development of the foetus.  


*{EDC} - Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals


The Listings are as follows:

Almost all contain additional links to further sites.

Not all information is useful, so use your own judgement.

It is important to learn everything you can!


01 - What Causes Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) - Reader Friendly Version


02 - A Defining Moment in Our History - Reader Friendly Version


03 - Definition and Synopsis of the Aetiology of Adult Gender Identity Disorder and Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism)


04 - A Sex Difference in the Human Brain and its Relation to Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism)


05 - How Frequently Does Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) Occur - Reader Friendly Version


06 - Transsexualism - An Unacknowledged Endpoint of Developmental Endocrine Disruption


07 - Gender Identity Research and Education Society


08 – G.I.D. Reform


09 - Sex and Gender are Different: Sexual Identity and Gender Identity are Different



Additional Resources for Parents


10 - Parent Guide: An Educational Booklet - Reader Friendly Version

A Resource For Parents Who Want Information And Advice On A Child With Gender-Variant Behaviours.



11 - The Centre For Children’s Health And The Environment (CCHE) - Reader Friendly Version


12 - Mermaids: A Support Group For Gender Variant Children And Teenagers - Reader Friendly Version


13 - Body Burden — The Pollution in Newborns

A Benchmark Investigation Of Industrial Chemicals, Pollutants And Pesticides In Umbilical Cord Blood Environmental Working Group, July 14, 2005



Additional Resources Re: EDC’s and You.


14 - Our Stolen Future


15 - How Strong is the Evidence of a Link Between Environmental Chemicals and Adverse Effects on Human Reproductive Health


16 - Gender Benders & Endocrine Disruptors Around You


17 - Gender-Benders: How Safe are Chemicals in Cosmetics? -- A Guest Commentary

October 11, 2005 — By Joyce H. Newman, The Green Guide


18 - Environmental Working Group- (EWG),

Release of Interactive Personal Care Product Safety Guide - Reader Friendly Version


Brand-by-Brand Assessment Will Allow Consumers to Choose Safer Products

For Immediate Release: October 14, 2005 Contact: EWG Public Affairs,

(WASHINGTON) — Environmental Working Group (EWG) will unveil a vastly expanded version of its interactive personal care product safety guide for consumers, "Skin Deep," Monday, Oct. 17. The searchable database features brand-by-brand safety rankings and in-depth information on over 14,000 shampoos, lotions, deodorants, sunscreens and other products from almost 1,000 brands. In Skin Deep, consumers can create customized product lists for their personalized safety needs — products free of carcinogens and fragrance, for instance — while manufacturers can construct one-of-a-kind safety assessments rating all their product ingredients at once and aiding in reformulation plans. EWG designed this service to fill safety gaps left by an industry that has publicly assessed only 11 percent of the 10,500 ingredients the government has documented in personal care products.

WHAT: "Skin Deep" release…WHEN: Monday, Oct. 17, 2005, 9 am EDT




Additional Resources Re: Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism) and D.E.S.


19 - The Presence of Transsexualism & Diethylstilbestrol ( DES )


20 - DES Bibliography, References: Diethylstilbestrol (DES) Literature Referencing Gender Identity, Harry Benjamin Syndrome-(Transsexualism), or Disturbances in Sexual Differentiation in Exposed Males


21 - A Discussion on the Relationship Between Gender Identity And Prenatal Exposure to des (Diethylstilbestrol) in 46XY Individuals


22 - DES Sons International Research Network


23 - Endocrine Disruptors: Science, Policy, and Theories


24 - Environmental Hormones and Environmental Toxicology Research


25 – Main "Links" page for: DES-sons’ Subjects


26 - Consequences Of Disturbed Sex-Hormone Action In The Central Nervous System:

Behavioral, Anatomical And Functional Changes;14560698



True Life-Stories Links.


27 - Lynn Conway’s Site; interesting and excellent starting place, with many good links to other life stories and a wealth of Information which would simply be wasting space to try to replicate the info on this website.

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