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Putting on IOC/WADA radar and sport leaders -

Santhi Soundarajan attempted suicide


From: kristen worley

Date: September 10, 2007 10:35:01 AM EDT (CA)

To: jacques.rogge



Subject:  Putting on IOC/WADA radar and sport leaders - Santhi Soundarajan attempted suicide -...


Dear Mr. Rogge, 

I wish to put on sports leaders radar, Santhi Soundarajan india's 800m runner attmptede suicide, and now lies

in a coma in her village last week.  I was at my Nationals this weekend when I received the wire from India, and I 

want to ensure sports leaders, IOC and WADA get the MEMO, on the impact of policy regarding gender in sport and

the inadequate controls in place impacting so many athletes lives -

As I said to Dr. Schamasch on a conference call last September, someone will get killed if the IOC and WADA don't 

smarten up -

Well gentleman, it has happened - Let's get forward of the "Old Boy's Club", and do what is ethically needed 

to happen. NOT later, but NOW -

Goto - 

The IOC and WADA are solely responsible for this young woman's demise, and the impact it has had based on ignorance

and failure in science to assure athlete safety and protections in Global sport -

The IOC and WADA are NOT above the law of society, and this incident for the record and this LIFE of this young woman

is solely on your hands -

This is why what were doing in Canada is so important, as the IOC and WADA have failed enormously over decades

on these issues, victimizing women for your personal ideologies regarding gender variance and inter-sexed conditions which are completely NORMAL.

Mr. Rogge, I hope we will hear from you with clarity and personally on these issues, and the complete failures of the IOC

to deal with this appropriately and in an educated fashion within global sport and as well society as a whole.  Dr. Schamasch or Dr. Ljungqvist are NOT the ones to respond, as they work beneath you as you handed this off to them personally many months ago -  They are incapable of what needs to be done, and are attempting to sweep these issues

under the carpet -

Mr. Rogge, Santhi Soundarajan's life is YOUR responsibility - Your NAME IS ON IT -

The BIGGEST threat to Global sports development and future, is the IOC itself -

Ps., I hope you enjoyed the Globe and Mail Article this weekend - Let the truth come out, this has to STOP -

With professional regards, 


Kristen Worley









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