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Short List of Transgendered Famous People.

 The people on this list have been selected because their fame or notoriety was in some way due or connected to their transgender behaviour.

Living individuals


·      Courtney Act, singer, gender illusionist, Australian Idol semi-finalist

·      Calpernia Addams, actress, author, autobiographer, entrepreneur, activist, fiddle player

·      Estelle Asmodelle, actress, author, dancer & Australia's First Legal Transsexual

·      Allenina, actress

·      Nadia Almada, Big Brother UK 2004 winner, transsexual

·      Adèle Anderson, cabaret singer, actress, member of Fascinating Aida

·      Enza "Supermodel" Anderson, drag performer

·      Buck Angel, world's first FTM transsexual porn star

·      Arcipello a British digital artist

·      Alexis Arquette, actor, musician, member of the Arquette family of actors

·      Nina Arsenault, writer, columnist

·      April Ashley, model

·      Brianna Austinwriter, gender columnist and publisher of TG Life


·      Mianne Bagger, golfer, transsexual woman

·      Dana Baitz, musician (pianist, producer, songwriter)

·      Ben Barres, neurobiologist

·      Georgina Beyer, New Zealand's (and the world's) first transsexual mayor (1995) and member of parliament (1999)

·      Alexandra Billings, actress; singer; professor

·      Joan Jett Blakk, drag performer

·      Maddie Blaustein, New York-based VA and comic book writer

·      J. S. G. Boggs, Florida-based money artist

·      Alejandra Bogue, actress; most-known for being in the mexican comedy show Desde Gayola

·      Sister Boom-Boom, drag queen

·      Sylvia Boots, actress

·      Kate Bornstein, transsexual author, playwright, performance artist and gender theorist

·      Ana Paula Botelho, actress

·      Jennifer Finney Boylan, transwoman, author, and educator

·      Sam Brodie, competitor in UK Big Brother 7

·      Sara Davis Buechner (née David Buechner), concert pianist

·      Lady Bunny, drag performer

·      Christine Burns, British trans campaigner and educator.

·      Charles Busch, drag performer


·      Mauro Cabral, transman, educator

·      Meryn Cadell, writer and singer-songwriter

·      Patrick Califia, a writer

·      Loren Cameron, transman, photographer

·      Wendy Carlos, American transsexual composer and electronic musician

·      The Lady Chablis, drag queen

·      Meghan Chavalier, actress

·      Angela Clayton, British trans woman, physicist and campaigner

·      Roberta Close, Brasilian transsexual model

·      Lynn Conway, transsexual computer scientist, electrical engineer and transgender advocate

·      Caroline Cossey, also Tula, British transsexual model, author, and Bond girl

·      Jayne County, U.S. rock singer (previously famous as 'Wayne County')

·      Ginger Coyote, San Francisco punk scenester and founder of Punk Globe magazine, singer for the White Trash Debutantes

·      Roberta Cowell First British transsexual

·      Jason Cromwell, trans academic, cultural anthropologist

·      Katherine Cummings (née John Cummings), librarian

·      Mark Angelo Cummings, writer, educator, owner of Bodies under Construction.

·      Paisley Currah, trans man, educator, executive director of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies and co-founder of the Transgender Law and Policy Institute

·      Molly Cutpurse, English author


·      Vaginal Davis, drag queen

·      Tracy Dean, British campaigner for trans people's rights

·      Andie DeRoux, transgender American artist

·      Kimberly Devine, actress

·      Aaron H. Devor, trans academic

·      Morty Diamond, transman filmmaker and performance artist

·      Dreuxilla Divine, drag queen

·      Colin Kennedy Donovan, genderqueer/trans disability writer and anti-racist activist

·      Qwo-Li Driskill, writer, activist, and educator

·      Michelle Dumaresq, transsexual professional mountain bicyclist

·      Monet Dupree, drag performer


·      Julian Eltinge, drag performer

·      Jackie Enx, transsexual drummer for the heavy metal band Rhino Bucket

·      Bulent Ersoy, Turkish transsexual singer

·      Karine Espineira, Communication manager, Activist, Director of the trans' association Sans Contrefaçon


·      Leslie Feinberg, transgender activist and author

·      Jamie Faye Fenton, computer game designer

·      Bibiana Fernández, Spanish transsexual actress, model, performer

·      Lauren Foster, Vogue model, events promoter


·      Jamison Green, transman, writer & educator

·      Stasha Goliaszewski, corporate activist, minister, TransPhillyRadio host and producer

·      Jacqualine Elizabeth Gaynor,female illusionist,trans activist,drag show promoter, promoter for Miss Gay Harisburg


·      Jacob Hale, transman, philosopher

·      Lauren Harries, famous as child prodigy 'James Harries'

·      David Harrison, performer

·      Harisu, transsexual model, singer and actress

·      Mike Hernandez, writer and activist

·      Jenny Hiloudaki, Greek transsexual model

·      Clover Honey, drag queen

·      Mary Ann Horton, (also Mark Horton), transgendered (bigendered) Internet pioneer

·      House of Diabolique, drag queen


·      Dana International, Israeli pop singer

·      Kim Coco Iwamoto, transgendered woman elected to the Hawaii Board of Education; the highest transgender elected office holder in the United States as of November 2006, according to the media

·      Eddie Izzard, comedian who cross-dresses and calls himself an "executive transvestite"


·      Andrea James, transwoman, entrepreneur, film producer, screenwriter, actress, and activist

·      Michelle Josef, Canadian musician


·      Kamikawa Aya, or Aya KAMIKAWA Tokyo municipal official (first transgendered person to seek elected office in Japan)

·      Rocco Kayiatos, or Katastrophe, San Francisco FTM hip hop artist, activist, musician and performer

·      Mara Keisling, transsexual, founder of the National Center for Transgender Equality, key leader in passing several laws protecting transgender people

·      Parinya Kiatbusaba, also known as Parinya Charoenphol and Nong Thoom, kathoey (transwoman), Muay Thai (kickboxing) champion, model and actress.

·      Andreas Krieger, transman, athlete


·      Mado Lamotte, drag performer

·      Danny La Rue, drag performer

·      Lisa Lawrence, actress

·      Jennifer Jane Leitham, transsexual jazz bassist

·      Amanda Lepore, transexual icon and model

·      Hedda Lettuce, drag performer

·      Miss Shangay Lily, drag performer

·      Shirley Q Liquor, drag queen

·      Olivia Love, actress

·      Vladimir Luxuria, member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, first transgender member of Parliament in Europe

·      Lypsinka (John Epperson), drag queen


·      Christine Mancini, drag performer

·      Roslyn Manley, transsexual advocate/activist, first openly out transsexual to hold elected office in the United States, elected June 2004 to Democratic Central Committee in California

·      Mimi Marks, Chicago transgender entertainer

·      Brini Maxwell, drag performer

·      Deirdre McCloskey, noted American Economist, argued The McCloskey critique

·      Siobhan Meow, member of Howard Stern's entourage, The Wack Pack

·      Annah Moore, Musician, Artist, Author

·      Billy More, drag queen

·      Angela Morley, (née Wally Stott), composer and conductor

·      Shannon Minter, transsexual man, attorney, legal director of National Center for Lesbian Rights

·      Jan Morris, transsexual author, winner of English Golden Pen Award for a Lifetime's Distinguished Service to Literature

·      Sally Mursi, first legally accepted Egyptian MTF-transsexual, see and


·      Nancy Nangeroni, trans activist, GenderTalk Radio founder/producer/host, writer, musician, engineer

·      Richard J. Novic, crossdresser (as Alice Novic), psychiatrist, author

·      Dr. NapéWastéWiñ, Clinical therapist, museum lecturer, horse breeder/trainer, farrier, boat builder and parent!


·      Terri O'Connell, stock car racer, previously participated in NASCAR under the name J.T. Hayes


·      Kathy Padilla, transsexual, aka Kathleen Padilla, the first openly transgender official in Pennsylvania, Democratic delegate to the 2004 Democratic Presidential Convention in Boston, Commissioner Philadelphia Police Advisory Commission

·      Larry Paciotti, porn movie director, transvestite

·      Dee Palmer, (née David Palmer), transsexual musician

·      Pauline Pantsdown, Australian drag queen and musician

·      Roberta Perkins (née Robert Perkins), anthropologist

·      Grayson Perry, artist whose work sometimes features his female alter ego, Claire. Winner of the 2003 Turner Prize for art

·      Charles Pierce, drag performer

·      Angela Piland, model, musician, artist formerly known as Delia Death

·      Rachel Pollack, transsexual author

·      Genesis P-Orridge, androgynous musician, performer, artist

·      Fay Presto, magician


·      Mark Rees, activist

·      Jennifer Diane Reitz, computer programmer, cartoonist and gender rights advocate

·      Kymberleigh Richards, former publisher of Cross-Talk magazine, public transportation advocate and transit official

·      Dr. Renee Richards, transsexual, professional tennis player

·      Eva Robbins, Italian model and actress.

·      Martine Rothblatt, a transhumanist author.

·      Joan Roughgarden, professor of biology; evolution and ecology expert

·      RuPaul, AKA RuPaul Andre Charles, American drag queen

·      Ruvic Rea Filipina, first transsexual politician in the Philippines


·      Ali Saleem, Pakistani TV personality better known as Begum Nawazish Ali, drag artist

·      Antonia San Juan, Spaniard actress.

·      José Sarria, drag performer, first LGBT person to run for elective office in the USA, activist, noted fund raiser for AIDS services

·      Lily Savage, drag performer

·      Erik Schinegger, 1966 women's world champion downhill skier for Austria

·      Scott Turner Schofield, writer, performer

·      Kemal Shahin, UK celebrity, Big Brother contestant and former news editor

·      Melissa Sklarz, the first openly transgender public official in New York State, Democratic county judicial delegate in Manhattan

·      Dean Spade, transman, attorney, and founder Sylvia Rivera Law Project

·      Adrya Stembridge, musician, motocross rider

·      Sandy Stone, transgender activist and author

·      Susan Stryker, author and editor

·      Ethan St. Pierre, transsexual man, transgender activist, hate crimes survivor, radio host

·      Margaret Stumpp, transsexual co-manager of Quantitative Management department at Prudential Financial Inc.

·      Jolene Sugarbaker, drag queen


·      Karen Taylor (aka Rodney Taylor), Australian drag queen

·      Tina Dee Taylor, transgendered actor, artist and writer in Hollywood

·      Terre Thaemlitz, musician

·      Stephen Thorne, transman, police officer

·      Pussy Tourette, drag performer and singer


·      Miss Understood, drag performer and entrepreneur

·      Pieter Dirk Uys, drag performer


·      Kelly Van Der Veer, transsexual Big Brother Holland contestant

·      Del LaGrace Volcano, transman, performer and photographer


·      Stephen Whittle, British trans man, lawyer, writer and educator

·      Cristan Williams, transsexual, founder of the CATS TG Homeless Shelter, activist and program manager for the Houston Area Community Services' Transgender Program

·      Holly Woodlawn, U.S. drag queen, part of Andy Warhol's Factory and featured in Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side"


·      Jin Xing, transsexual Chinese dancer

20th and 21st century individuals


·      Gwen Araujo, U.S. pre-operative transsexual girl, murdered 2002

·      Valerie Arkell-Smith, British soldier


·      Danielle Bunten Berry, U.S. software developer, formerly Dan Bunten, author of several titles for Electronic Arts in the 1980s, died of lung cancer


·      Fulvia Celica Siguas Sandoval the person with the most Gender Reassignment Surgeries in the world and perhaps the first transsexual in Peru

·      Coccinelle, French transsexual performer

·      Jackie Curtis, U.S. drag queen who had a friendship with the famous pop artist, Andy Warhol


·      Candy Darling, part of Andy Warhol's Factory and subject of The Velvet Underground song "Candy Says", and Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side"


·      Ethyl Eichelberger drag performer, actor, performance artist

·      Lili Elbe, Danish transsexual, one of the first women to undergo a crude form of sexual reassignment surgery, through five operations which were completed by 1930. Fifteen months after her final surgery, she either died from complications or faked her own death to avoid the media attention. She is the subject of the 1933 book Man Into Woman, although it is likely she was never biologically male, but rather born intersexual, supposedy with rudimentary ovaries which would conflict with the speculative diagnosis of Klinefelter's Syndrome

·      Bella Evangelista, also known as Elvys Perez, drag performer who was murdered in Washington, D.C.


·      Dee Farmer, transgender prison inmate


·      Tyra Hunter, U.S. transsexual woman, died 1995


·      Marsha P. Johnson, transgender activist, involved in Stonewall (UK), co-founder of Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR).

·      Frankie 'Halfpint' Jaxon, American singer and entertainer who has often sung with a female voice

·      Christine Jorgensen, one of the first Americans to have sexual reassignment surgery in 1952


·      Dawn Kereluik, hate crime survivor in Columbus, Ohio. Legally married in a Same-Sex Marriage to Katheryn Kereluik (currently divorcing).


·      Pepper LaBeija, Harlem, New York drag queen, subject of the documentary Paris Is Burning

·      Cam Lyman millionaire transman, disappeared in 1987, found murdered in 1997.


·      Glen Milstead, actor and drag performer also known popularly as Divine, star of many John Waters films


·      Sylvia Rivera, transgender activist, resisted police at Stonewall on June 27, 1969

·      Craig Russell, Canadian actor and female impersonator Outrageous

·      Rainee, the first ever pre-operative transsexual to appear on a TV game Show (Lingo)


·      Jeanette Schmid, World famous whistler

·      Shabnam Mausi, Eunuch politician from Madhya Pradesh, India


·      Jade Hines Toronto trans-woman, personal story featured in several publications.

·      Brandon Teena, U.S. transsexual boy who was murdered, subject of the film Boys Don't Cry

·      Billy Tipton, a physically female jazz musician who lived as a man.


·      Susanna Valenti, a self-identified heterosexual transvestite who wrote columns for Virginia Prince's underground magazine, Transvestia, from 1960 to 1970. Valenti transitioned from a life of periodic cross-dressing to full time living as a woman during a time when the categories of transgender were in flux and the subject of much contestation.


·      Ed Wood, Jr., film-maker, transvestite

Earlier historical individuals

It is often difficult to construe the gender and sexual identity of pre-modern individuals. In many societies, those whom Western society might consider homosexual or bisexual are or were considered transgendered. Therefore, see also List of famous gay, lesbian, or bisexual people.

Many of these persons cross-dressed during wartime for various purposes. Such people are covered under the article Crossdressing During Wartime.


·      Herculine Barbin, 19th Century French hermaphrodite

·      James Barry, female bodied surgeon who lived as a man throughout his/her life, according to some accounts in order to be able to practice medicine.


·      Elagabalus, Roman Emperor

·      Chevalier d'Eon, French diplomat (1728-1810) who claimed to have been born a girl and later adopted a female persona.

Fictional individuals


·      Azure C., a transsexual model on the American soap opera The City. The first transsexual portrayed on American soaps, she was played by Carlotta Chang from 1995 to 1996.


·      Bel Thorne from the Vorkosigan Saga of books, one of a genetically engineered human race called "herms", who are true hermaphrodites, featuring both male and female sexual anatomy, as well as functioning breasts.

·      Birdo, Nintendo's Super Mario Bros 2 character who, according to the original manual, "...thinks he is a girl...He'd rather be called 'Birdetta.'" Eventually sticking with Birdo, she is currently accepted as female and is rumoured to be dating Yoshi.

·      Patrick "Pussy" Braden, the heroine of Patrick McCabe's Breakfast on Pluto, which takes place in Ireland during the height of the IRA. Made into a film in 2005 starring Cillian Murphy.

·      Bree, a pre-operative male-to-female transsexual played by Felicity Huffman in the 2005 film Transamerica.

·      Myra Breckinridge, transsexual character in two best-selling novels by Gore Vidal, Myra Breckinridge and Myron, and a well-known film.

·      Bridget, biologically male but raised and dresses as a girl. Appears in the Guilty Gear series of fighting games.


·      Liane Cartman, parent of Eric Cartman and local hermaphrodite in the fictional town of South Park

·      Chloe, pre-operative transsexual nightclub singer from the comic book How Loathsome by Ted Naifeh and Tristan Crane.

·      Hayley Cropper, transsexual character in the popular British soap opera Coronation Street. First transsexual portrayed on British soaps, since 1998.


·      Henry "Hildegarde" Desmond, a hetero male who dresses as a woman to live in a budget "women's hotel" in the TV sitcom Bosom Buddies. Portrayed by Peter Scolari.


·      Frank N. Furter, the transvestite antagonist of the cult musical Rocky Horror Show and Rocky Horror Picture Show.


·      Herbert Garrison, schoolteacher in the fictional town of South Park, who, in the Season 9 premiere, underwent sexual reassignment surgery.


·      Judge Constance Harm, from The Simpsons makes mention of when she was a little boy.

·      Emily Howard, the "unconvincing transvestite" character in the BBC sketch show Little Britain.


·      Dorothy Michaels, a male actor posing as an actress in the film Tootsie. Portrayed by Dustin Hoffman.

·      Montana Moorhead, a transsexual actress formerly named "Milton" in the film Soapdish. Portrayed by Cathy Moriarty.

·      Ava Moore, transsexual character in the American drama Nip/Tuck, played by Famke Janssen from 2004.

·      Roberta Muldoon, a large muscular transexual woman (former male football player) in The World According to Garp. Portrayed by John Lithgow in the film version.


·      Nuriko (born Chou Ryuuen), biologically male but living as and referred to as a woman throughout the course of the anime and manga series Fushigi Yūgi. Expresses a wish to be reincarnated as a woman.


·      , An Elizabethan era immortal from the novel of the same name by Virginia Woolf. After 200 years, Orlando changes from a man to a woman. Also a 1993 film.

·      Princess Ozma of the Land of Oz, temporarily changed into a boy, later restored to girlhood.


·      Hedwig Robinson, "internationally ignored song stylist" and lead role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch


·      Angel Dumott Schunard, street performer, suffering from AIDs, in the broadway musical Rent.

·      Stephen - female character in The Well of Loneliness, a novel by Radclyffe Hall. Commonly thought of as a lesbian, modern reading of the text identifies Stephen as transgendered rather than a lesbian.


·      Nao Tsurumoto, a 15-year-old female from season 6 of the Japanese television drama 3 Nen B Gumi Kinpachi Sensei who despises her female body and knows she is male inside. The season focuses heavily on Nao's trials and peer reactions throughout the 22 episode span. Played by Aya Ueto.


·      Pauline Urthiel, Plasma Physicist from Larry Niven's Known Space universe. Appeared in the Gil Hamilton detective story Arm. In the story she, along with husband Lawrence Muhammad Ecks (X?), are among a list of suspects in the murder of prominent scientist Raymond Sinclair, the inventor of a very mysterious (and very deadly) device.


·      Dono Vorrutyer from the Vorkosigan Saga books, who was born Lady Donna, but surgically had her sex changed to male to prevent her loathed cousin Richars from inheriting the Countship.


·      Kip "Buffy" Wilson, a hetero male who dresses as a woman to live in a budget "women's hotel" in the TV sitcom Bosom Buddies. Portrayed by Tom Hanks.


·      Sadako Yamamura, the genetically male psychic villain of the Ring series of novels. Victim of a birth disorder causing "her" to have a vagina and breasts. Her physical appearance was that of a very beautiful young woman. (Note: There is no evidence that the version of Sadako portrayed in the Ringu movie series, and it is even less likely that Samara Morgan of the American remake has the same condition)

Mythological figures


·      Achilles, as a young man, is sent by his mother to live in the court of Lycomedes disguised as a young woman to keep him safe from war.

·      Alfhild, beautiful maiden in Norse mythology who dressed as a man to avoid marrying King Alf


·      Brihannala, Eunuch in the Hindu epic Mahabharata


·      Caeneus, born as the woman Caenis, an immensely strong warrior mentioned in Ovid's Metamorphoses. He asked to be, and subsequently was, transformed into a man after being raped by Mercury (sometimes Poseidon in some versions) as a girl. In the versions of the story in which Caenus is raped by Poseidon he is later granted immunity to all mortal weapons by sea god, who feels guilty.


·      Pope Joan, who according to legend was a cross-dressing woman elected Catholic Pope (given the name "John VIII"), whose reign was variously attributed to several periods of history. She allegedly died or was murdered in childbirth during a papal procession. There is no evidence for her existence, and the story originates from a much later date than the purported events.


·      Tiresias, soothsayer to Oedipus from Greek mythology changed into a woman and back in an unrelated tale


·      Guan Yin, Bodhisattva of Compassion, who has both been depicted as male and female, and, according to the Lotus Sutra, has the ability to change form in order to help people.

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