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Kristen Worley – Biography



Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine Annual Conference – Quebec City


Kristen Worley – Biography

Kristen works as a design engineer Malibu Boats in California, the current world leader competitive and recreational water ski boat manufacturer. Through her personal journey, as an elite athlete in Canadian and International sport, in the sports of waterskiing and cycling over the last 25 years has come forward to the Canadian and Olympic sport bodies, as a transitioned woman in competitive sport, to help better understand what it means to be born as a Gender Dysphoric child. Thus successfully overcoming the medical and social challenges, living a positive and successful life as a woman, who has overcome such barriers to be able to compete in high level sport activity in two sports at the elite level.

As part of Kristen’s personal goals within sport, participating on the national water ski team, skiing at the World Championships in 2008 in Italy, as well seeking a position on the Canadian Olympic cycling team participating in the 2008 games in Beijing. Kristen’s participation as a Canadian woman athlete at the games would be the first to do so in the history of the Olympic Games.

Kristen through dialogue and due process with sport leaders across Canada, and now just recently with World Anti-Doping Agency and International Olympic Committee Medical Commission, that the sport community has misunderstood what it means to be gender variant, and actually what it means to go through transition and the impact on the human physiology. Creating further question because of what we have come to understand, how we do sport and how we develop policy within sport.

Through Kristen, the sport community has learned just in Canada alone about the hundreds of children and families across Canada inflicted with a gender variant child, and its impact within the family model, the lacking social and medical support in communities across Canada do to the lacking education amongst the medical community created by social barriers within society, being born with a varied gender. Of which sport, the sport community can play as a valuable tool to help assist, develop and mentor these youths with mainstream society as just NORMAL children, as well as their family.

What we have learned in sport will bleed into day-to-day life, illustrating to society and medical community through developing universal dialogue, the level of the variance and need, as well to embrace the variations of what we have been socially educated over generations of what makes a man or a woman, utilizing the positive aspects of the Olympic movement and sport to drive the message worldwide.

Canada is playing the leadership role –




Behind The Curtain -Understanding physical transition, and the truth behind policy development, politics and its impact within elite sport.

The presentation will consist of a brief overview of understanding the changes to the human physiology through transition as well the impacts of being born as a gender variant child, then going through a complete physical transition, the impacts social and medical impacts in an out of sport.

Second part of the presentation will look at the recent Stockholm Consensus, presented to by the IOC Medical Commission Spring of 2004 to the international sport community as an assumed policy to enable transitioned men and women to actively participate in any level of sport. Looking 3 years back in review, the impact within sport, and how and why the IOC Medical Commission developed felt the need to create such a policy and where were headed now, and the important role the sports medicine community can play, to assure such policy is well supported scientifically and not ones social beliefs, which can have tremendous repercussions attached decisions in policy within sport.

As the sports medicine community is a select group of specialist within sport, they are also specialists outside of sport as well. This is a concentrated effort to familiarize and understand the medical and social constructs that have been historically polarized and monopoly of few, that have disallowed the understanding and variance of gender at birth and the impact on ones life. And the role of the medical community, as we have done successfully within international sport, to break down the social barriers creating a universal language embracing the human difference in all of us, and through self discovery, discovering that these issues are normal, and that it is social barriers within our society that have created these barriers which we are seeing mirrored within sport.

In conclusion, looking at how the sport medicine community can play an important role in science and education and policy development now and in the future. Assuring those in leadership positions are applying the adequate resources and research to assure the best possible outcome.

Behind the Curtain: Understanding physical transition and the truth behind policy development, politics and their impact within elite sport.

My presentation will aim to provide an understanding of the physiological and psychological changes accompanying transition as well as the impacts, both social and medical, of being born a gender dysphoric person.

I will be looking at the recent Stockholm Consensus, which provides guidelines for governing participation in Sport. I will also examine the thinking of the IOC Medical Commission and the role that the Sports medicine community at large can play.

Historically, knowledge and experience of the medical sports community in the field of gender dysphoria and transition has been limited and monopolized by the few, with the result that it has been productive of frustration, negativity and even abuse and intimidation.

I will also wish to review the role of the medical community as a whole within the field of international sport, with particular reference to social barriers created by ignorance and disregard.

I will conclude on a positive note by suggesting how, in my opinion, the sports medicine community can improve its stature and effectiveness in so far as transitioned athletes are concerned. It is my submission, as a transitioned athlete, that a starting gate should be a noticeable improvement in the understanding and awareness of our significant position in the entire matrix of world sport.

Kristen Worley

February 25, 2007


6:45am Breakfast Symposium: Ms Kristen Worley - Behind the Curtain - Understanding physical transition, and the truth behind policy development, politics and its impact within elite sport.

Draft Abstract for syllabus -

I think this is of great interest


From: kristen worley
Sent: Friday, March 02, 2007 7:41 AM
To: Kathy Noble
Subject: WIISM SPEAKER - CASM ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM... - Kristen Worley.../

Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine Symposium - 

I heard from CASM - Chief medical officer of the Beijing games will be present - As well, Dr. Christian Benezis, who is now chief medical

officer for France, willbe present and speaking right after me -


 My abstracts -





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