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Changeling Aspects Submission to Queensland Government - GRC 


For all now residing in Queensland, but born abroad, it would be much easier if the Queensland Government allowed us a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC)  I am sure that there would be no problem with paying for this service, as per the Victoria legislation. 

From the point of view of ex UK citizens being able to present a Queensland GRC to the UK authority would mean two things. 

One would be the fact that we could then apply via the ‘Overseas Track’ which means we do not have to supply medical reports, as we are now legally recognised in Queensland. 

The second is on a cost and medical involvement. We have to find General Medical Council (GMC) registered GPs working in Queensland (I have one who is willing to help). We then have to send his full report on our Sex Re-assignment  Surgery (SRS), plus all of our paperwork from the Psychiatrists, Endocrinologists and Surgeons who have attended us during transition. This is sent to the UK Gender Clinic at the Claybrook Clinic, which is part of the Charring Cross Hospital. This is for one of 4 approved psychiatrists to collate a report which is acceptable to the Gender Recognition Panel (GRP) in Leicester, using our paperwork. I have arranged this facility with the 4 psychiatrists at Claybrook, but at a cost of 60 pounds sterling ($150.00 AUD). Many cannot afford this, but could afford the $58.80 application fee, plus $25.80 for a certificate, as per Victoria. Total cost of $84.60 which is a saving of $65.40. 

They then only to have to apply via the ‘Overseas Track’ and according to their income they will be charged from nothing to 140 pounds sterling ($350.00AUD) if they are working. 

This would alleviate the stress of finding GMC registered GPs in Queensland, who are as rare as ‘Hens teeth’

 It also means that for all those residing in Queensland for a period of not less than 2 years, but born abroad, have the right to apply for a GRC, providing they have had SRS. 

I would like this eventually to apply to those both born in Queensland or abroad who cannot have SRS, as it would be life threatening. I think that we should approach this as one step at a time.


Kathy Anne Noble

President, Changeling Aspects. 


24/04/2007 - Responce from:  The Honourable Kerry Shine MP - Attorney-General and Minister for Justice - -( 257 KB )

From: Kathy Noble
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 11:39 AM
To: Linda paton (
Subject: Re Letter

The Honourable Kerry Shine MP

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice

Your reference, 2007 02526  J/07/02083

Dear Sir,  

Thank you for your letter of the 24th April 2007. I look forward to a possible meeting with you in the hope that we can arrange a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) as I outlined to Mr Terry Ryan and Ms Tracey Rankin.

I do consider that the legislation from Victoria is the most appropriate to meet these needs, as they waited and researched the problems by using existing and new legislation, such as Queensland’s and the UK’s Gender Recognition Act 2004. However, we do not expect the Queensland GRC to be predicated on “NON SURGERY” as per the UK Act 2004.

As was stated to Mr Ryan and Ms Rankin at the meeting it would certainly make it much easier to obtain our Gender Recognition Certificate and amended Birth Certificate from the UK. It will also help others to be recognised in their preferred Gender, no matter where they were born outside of Australia and now residing in Queensland.

At present, we are not sure as to our legal status in Queensland, even though we have received our amended Birth Certificate from the UK. This is also being questioned in New Zealand via the Courts and two Court Orders have been given recognising that the people concerned are now Female! I have tried that path here, but it is very costly and time consuming, as well as each person having to apply to the Family Court in order to try to be recognised in their preferred gender, and the time that is tied up in the Courts if this route were to be taken.

From the point of view of time taken with these submissions to the Court, it would be take far less time and be more cost effective if the Birth, Deaths and Marriages Act in Queensland was amended, for all concerned.

Yours Sincerely

Kathy Anne Noble

President -Changeling Aspects.



From: Kathy Noble
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 6:48 AM
To: ''
Subject: For the attention of Fiona Guthrie

Dear Fiona Guthrie,

Thank you for your letter dated 15/11/2006 and I look forward to hearing more from the Attorney-General. May I ask you to draw his attention to our web site, as it could be very informative in regards to this situation.

The web site is    Please look at the Advocacy section as it will give more insight into this problem. You will note the top item is  “Case by Case Basis”  this is what I have managed to get agreement on from UK so that we can apply via this means to get our Gender Recognition Certificate and new Birth Certificate issued by UK. So far a friend and I have managed to be accepted via this route. It entails lots of paper work and cost, and it would be much easier if the Queensland Government did afford us a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) for those born outside of Australia and domiciled in Queensland. This would mean just having to send the Queensland GRC and no medical reports. Of course we do understand that there would be a cost involved for issuing the GRC.

I look forward to being able to discuss this situation with you in greater depth.

Love and Peace,

Kathy Anne Noble


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