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"Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it."

 Robert F. Kennedy - 1968-06-06


The Trouble with DES


We have had an interesting letter from a lady in North Wales enquiring about DES and as it is something to be considered in regard to the side effects that can lead to problems for pregnant mothers and their babies, with regard to possible effects leading to Gender Variance and Transgender, we thought that this should be brought to your attention.

The letter in response certainly leads one to the areas that are in other areas of our site.

Please read and then perhaps understand.

Kathy Anne Noble  17-09-2007

The Trouble with D.E.S.

·        DES = hormone

·         Hormone = very powerful bio-chemical agent

·         DES issues World Wide, are just a small part of a much bigger and much more unsettling –(in fact, very disturbing) picture of what is happening to the World and what future the World has or not, if a careful examination of World activities is made.

Below is an Extract from:  ‘Synopsis of Transsexualism’  on this website

……… As our Western Society evolves, many of our past prejudices are being illumined rapidly as we embrace this new millennium, and so they should, it is a credit to our society that such should occur. In keeping with this rapid-advance into our new world, we seek scientific answers to help us rationally unburden ourselves from fear, ignorance, prejudice and ‘flat world’ paradigms. Sometimes this scientific evidence alone is so overwhelming that even the scientific-priesthood is unable to comprehend the complexity of what they have found, so we sometimes need to look to our hearts to find the last few fragments of the puzzle, ethical, humane fragments rather than scientific ones.

These articles are an attempt to help de-stigmatise the Transsexual / Intersex Conditions, and begin to educate, and to eradicate prejudices of all forms towards those who have to live with these conditions every day of their lives.

Each "Listing" has its own particular subject and obviously is of interest in its own right, {particularly those directly related to, and describing issues of Transsexual / Intersex Conditions}, but collectively they also paint an emerging picture of a world where ubiquitous Chemical Pollution has already altered many Transsexual / Intersex people’s personal destinies, and is now threatening to change not only the quality of our personal lives, but also the very fabric and future of our societies.

Whether Transsexual / Intersex Conditions were as prevalent in previous, ancient societies as it is in our own, is still unknown, however, there is slowly increasing evidence to suggest that an apparent increase in prevalence of these conditions, and conditions similar to them in the animal world, is influenced by ubiquitous Chemical Pollution, specifically EDC’s*.

An unusually high incidence of Transsexual / Intersex Conditions have been linked with chemical irregularities ( D.E.S. ) prescribed to pregnant mothers (world wide… 1940-1970). Ubiquitous Chemical Pollution, another consequence of environmental exploitation, is having a similarly harmful Endocrine Disrupting* affect on our global populations of mammals, which includes humans, this may be the clarion-call to make society aware that Transsexual / Intersex Conditions are true biological conditions.

Looking at the bigger picture however, human evolution and progress has been continuing at the expense of the environment in which it lives, and this is not a new thing according to a leading Professor of  Palaeobiology – Prof. Michael Boulter (For twenty years he has been Secretary and Editor for the International Organisation of Palaeobiology & has been responsible for the development of the Global “Fossil Record 2 Database” -{covering approximately 4,000 Million to 5,000 Million years of evolution on Earth}.- which is the pre-eminent source of data for contemporary scientists). 

In his Book: “Extinction: Evolution And The End Of Man”, Prof. Boulter suggests that the ‘Fossil Record’ shows that Man-(Homo-sapiens) started his exploitation of the environment some 30,000 years ago, starting with the eradication of the Neanderthals and other large mammals of the European continent.  This was followed by a continuous exploitation of every area he came across, until it could no longer sustain his habits, (this has been referred to {by others} as the Easter-Island-Pattern of exploitation, to the point of self-destruction).

Man’s greed, aggression and selfishness is to blame for this monumental exploitation and destruction of the global environment, and that the human race may in fact be exploiting ourselves into extinction much faster than we may imagine.

Prof. Boulter said: “Through a 500-million-year history of life on land, a unique change is taking place. For the first time a mammal species [Man] has evolved that can change the environment, and what’s more we are changing it dramatically, quickly and selfishly.” ...... “Since Nevil Shute’s novel about a nuclear holocaust - ‘On the Beach’ - written in the 1950s, there have been countless tales of the end of man on this planet. Now, it seems, the joke is that we are doing very well on our own, just with our use of fossil fuels.  There is no need for nuclear weapons or the inventions of science fiction writers.  It is our own aggressive selfishness that has led to our lifestyle, and this has evolved its own political system to maintain the status-quo.  Now it’s too late to change and we cannot organise ourselves to stop.  I speculate that our system is in freefall, out of control.” ………

As the World Conservation Union said back in 2004, “Current extinction rates are at least 100 to 1,000 times higher than natural rates found in the fossil record

Extinctions are not the only issues caused by fossil-fuels emissions.  The Global Warming phenomenon, is another subject of import.  It can be viewed in “An Inconvenient Truth” see: “World Environment Sites” within this website.   

In his book and documentary film - An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore is a little more optimistic, ….Only just….. He suggests that we still may have a decade or so left (if we start NOW) before the environmental balance will be pushed over the edge of no return, and that catastrophic global warming will take off by itself.    One effect alone will be the continuing melting of the land-based-ice on Greenland and Antarctica, which will raise sea-levels [globally] some several metres above their current levels.  And this may occur in our lifetimes.

Over nine hundred eminent world scientists agree unanimously that Global Warming is a fact, and that the only doubts that exist are the ones generated by the Media.  The Media in most cases being affiliated with oil-companies or energy production companies of some kind.

Also see: Crimes Against Nature, How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals Are Plundering the Country and Hijacking Our Democracy”,  a book by: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  …also in: “World Environment Sites” within this website.

Excerpt: “There is growing evidence that dramatic climate change may occur suddenly, a development that has even gotten the Pentagon’s attention.   A report commissioned by Andrew Marshall, the father of Star Wars and the military’s graybeard expert on future strategic threats, describes the human disasters that would occur if the climate shifted abruptly in a decade or two, as happened some 12,000 years ago.  According to this scenario, most of Holland and Bangladesh would be submerged by violent storms and rising seas. Northern Europe would freeze because of disruptions to the Gulf Stream.  Millions of environmental refugees would gather at the frontiers of the developed world, driven by wars, famines, and floods.  Nuclear conflict, megadroughts, and widespread rioting would erupt across the world.  Nations might be forced to expand their military power to defend dwindling food, water, and energy supplies.  The report paints a picture of the United States as a giant gated community insulating itself from the world it helped create, isolated and despised by its angry, jealous neighbors.  Although this outcome is presented as a worst-case scenario, climate change “should be elevated beyond a scientific debate to a U.S. national security concern.”” ………..


 ·         Western medicine’s narcissistic sense of righteous infallibility, sprinkled with a modicum of the fear (of litigation), makes it hard to get answers from anywhere when things go wrong.

 ·         Since the end of the Second World War, chemicals of all kinds have flooded the world for the reasons which may range anywhere from: the highest good for mankind to; the basest of human motivations – greed.

 ·         These chemicals are not just industrial and agricultural, but also domestic and also personal-(pharmaceuticals, and personal care products, etc).

 ·         Skin Deep pairs ingredients in nearly 25,000 products against 50 definitive toxicity and regulatory databases, making it the largest integrated data resource of its kind. Why did a small nonprofit take on such a big project?

   Because the FDA doesn't require companies to test their own products for safety.


 ·         “Chemicals linked to birth defects can stay in cosmetics”, says Cosmetic Industry safety panel



·         More than 130,000 new chemicals since the end of the second world war.

·         Never on earth, ever in eternity, have any of these chemicals existed on earth or have been exposed to living creatures of any kind, especially the very complex organisms called humans. 

·         This figure does not show the Billions and Trillions of combinations and permutations of the 130,000 when any two or more are found interacting, creating unknown and uncontrollable alien compounds, and impacting on living organisms (eg. Humans).

·         Currently the chemical/pharmaceutical industries = a little more than 1/3 of the ENTIRE GLOBAL economy.

·         Governments are reluctant to disturb anything which might impinge on the financial stability of these Titans.

·         Hormone = chemical

·         Not surprisingly …. Many chemicals = Hormones, even ones that weren’t meant to emulate  Hormones, do.

·         Modern chemicals are not responsible for accelerated extinction of species on earth here and now >wrong

·         Current extinction rates are at least 100 to 1,000 times higher than natural rates found in the fossil record…. 


·         New scientific results on impacts of endocrine disruptors on wildlife


·         DES  was a purposely invented Hormone. But there so little research done on it’s effects, and things have not changed much even today, most pharmaceuticals are released without adequate research on the effects of the new creations.

·         Emerging science on the impacts of endocrine disruptors on people.

·         Still, the chemical/pharmaceutical industry is NOT accountable to anyone, and in fact the global legal-onus is on individuals to take the multi-billion dollar Corporations to court to prove that there is anything wrong with any of it’s 130,000 creations, or that the industry is responsible for any effects any of their products have anywhere in the world….

·         They have free rein to do what they like, and are NOT held accountable for any side-effects in perpetuity.

·         Recent Important Studies

·         The Environment: BodyBurden

·         Chemicals in the mothers blood can’t effect the foetus >wrong

·         Umbilical cord = filter >wrong

·         BodyBurden – The Pollution in Newborns <- Offical Website

·         Local file - BodyBurden – The Pollution in Newborns - - ( 1,500 KB ) - Low Res

·         Local file - BodyBurden – The Pollution in Newborns - - ( 5,070 KB ) - High Res


·         Small amounts of chemicals are not harmful to developing foetuses >wrong

·         Toxicology … if it doesn’t kill you, then it is perfectly safe >wrong

·         Broad trends in scientific findings about endocrine disruption

·         Any chemical pollution damage to humans can be fixed and is Not bio-accumulative, nor is it trans-generational, etc, > wrong

There is so much more that I want to say about this subject, but it's late & my brain has gone blank, it is just fatigue from the events of the past few months.      Hope some of this is useful…

Very Kind Regards


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