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When a young girl enters Puberty, several major changes occur in her body. The first sign of Puberty is usually swelling of the breast at around 11, some get Pubic hair first. The rate of growth in the 2 breasts maybe unequal but any difference will usually disappear by full maturity. The first Menstrual period usually does not occur for a year or more after the start of Puberty, by which time Pubic and underarm hair are in the fully developed adult pattern. Secondary sexual characteristics, such as the wider pelvis and the Female distribution of fat, develop progressively. Puberty is considered complete when the first Menstrual periods occur at regular, predictable intervals.

Prolactin is produced by the "Pituitary Gland", which acting with certain other hormones stimulates the growth and development of the breasts. The breast is a secondary sexual character and is regarded by Society as a symbol of Femininity, beauty and eroticism. The size, shape and appearance vary among women. The size and shape of the breasts vary between individuals, but also at different times—during Menstrual cycle, Pregnancy, Lactation and after Menopause.

At Puberty, a young Girls breasts begin to develop—the Aerola swells and the nipples enlarge. This is followed by an increase in glandular tissue and fat, which enlarges the Breast. Eventually the breast becomes rounded and the Areola flattens.

Menstruation marks the fertile years of a Woman’s life and continues until Menopause. In Menopause physical and psychological changes occur as a result of reduced production of Oestrogen. It is this hormones reduced level that causes the problems associated with Menopause. Other hormonal changes include increased amounts of Gonadotrophin and Androgen in the blood. Hot flushes and night sweats occur.

HRT is used as a hormonal replacement for Oestrogen in order to treat the symptoms of Menopause. This helps relieve the symptoms of hot flushes and night time sweating. Also helps to alleviate the onset of Osteoporosis and narrowing of the Arteries. Usually continued for 2 to 5 years. Regular checks on weight and blood pressure and breast examinations should be done. Minor adverse effects include nausea, breast tenderness, fluid retention and leg cramps.


A rare disorder?. We seek hormonal or surgical treatment to bring about a physical sex change.

This means we are then into the same situation as a young Girl into Puberty. We take hormones that she releases naturally—I release Prolactin naturally—and this gives rise to her immense changes in her body—Breast development, Menstrual cycle, Body shape change and Pubic hair. At the other end of the scale is the older woman into Menopause who is placed on HRT. Having compared my feelings with younger and older Women, we appear to be on a par. Mood swings, hormones up and down, weepy, tense but for me and the Menopausal women, no monthly relief. I suffer from breast tenderness, nipple enlargement, itchy breasts, body shape change, skin texture change and loss of Male musculature.

This means that having known for 5 years that I am producing Prolactin, at one end of the scale I am a 5 year old Girl early into Puberty, and at the other an older Woman on HRT after Menopause. Where does this put me in the Female scale of life?

I would like to know how long I am on HRT, is it for life?. Do I have the right to Breast scans, what happens if I am diagnosed with Prostate cancer, as I still have a Prostate. In later years where do I fit in if I have to go into a home for the elderly, as my Birth Certificate has not been altered. Is this going to cause problems?.

Finally, is there any research or documentation on these problems. I would very much appreciate some answers, if they exist.

Kathy Anne Noble.

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