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Itís great to be back in NZ and to be with you all again. I canít believe so much has happened in the last 2 years.

Round the world trip after Debby and I left here in June/July 2001. Facial surgery in September 2001. SRS in November 2001. Then back here in February/March 2002 to stay with Stefi and to meet up with Kerin again. Drive down to Wellington from Auckland to stay with Janet and Claudia, then Peri and Karenís wedding, what a wonderful day and experience that was, for two really beautiful people. This really started my problems, as I opened my big mouth as usual, and in front of everyone said I was going to start Agender in OZ. Janet told her boss when we were visiting, She shook my hand so hard I thought it would come off.

Back to OZ to put the wheels in motion and to have our target date of the 15th of June 2002 up and running. Before this my Daughter Debby finally got married in May 2002, and that was very enjoyable. I even went to the Hens night, fantastic!

We are nearly into June when the most fantastic event happened, I received a phone call from Janet asking if I could pick up her and Claudia at Brisbane Airport and have them stay with me, so they could participate in the Launch of Agender OZ. My reply of course was---NO. I just could not believe that some very kind person had made this trip possible for them, Thank you from all of us.

They Duly arrived and Claudia sat in the back of my Fairlane and thought she was the queen. A plastic hand for waving to the crowds was supplied. We returned to the airport to pick up Llew who came over from Perth to spend some time with them. We had a great weekend, with Llew going to Dreamworld and Claudia catching up with Family on the Gold Coast. Llew even found one of Janetís favourite beers, Monteith in our local bottle shop!

The Launch went off very well with about 20 plus there and we have continued to have meetings on the 2nd Saturday of the month. We move to different locations as we have people in several areas in and around Brisbane.

We had sent out faxes to the media about the launch and I was sat in the car at the Airport giving a live on air interview with Spencer Howson for ABC radio whilst Claudia and Janet were seeing Llew off. This interview has led to other interviews on ABC, only now in the studio live. I have a CD of the last 2, which Spencer took to a convention in Sydney, and they were amazed at the questions, and answers that were given on air. I have also given speeches to my Church and to a Rotary Club. My last interview on ABC concerned a 17 year old who is Transitioning. I was asked if I thought 17 to be too young. Iíll come to that later. Because of this young woman I am in contact with a group called "Open Doors" who look after LBGT kids between 12 and 18.

My reply to Spencer about 17 being too young was "not if she has been through all the tests and is acceptable, and also has the support of her Family and support group" I just wish Iíd had the opportunity at that age, but there was nothing in 1952, not even a name.

We have also put together a web site designed to make people aware of what they have to face via Learning, Planning and a final Plan. This has led to net working with others and also many enquiries about Agender.

Whilst in Hospital having My OP, I talked to the staff and Peter Widdowson about creating a support group for the Girls in Hospital, as I was told that many had no visitors or outside communication while there. It was duly sanctioned by the Hospital management board in December 2001, and was up and running by January 2002. The idea is to assist Girls in Hospital or to have them stay with me before and after Surgery. I will pick them up at the airport if from Inter State or Abroad and take them to the Hospital. The group is called "CHANGELING ASPECTS" and this has now grown to encompass Transsexuals who are Pre, During and post OP. We have started monthly meetings as from April 2003 for those who wish to discuss these issues. At the inaugural meeting there were 11 Transsexuals and 2 support people. One of them was our 17 year old with her Mum. Wow, what confidence and she will be at the next meeting. These will be held every 3rd Saturday of the Month

We had to make the decision to have separate meetings for Agender and CA because of the different needs and concerns of both groups. I must admit that I feel more at home with the Transsexuals and their problems, as I am one. Having said that, I have many good friends who are Cross Dressers that I do not want to lose contact with.

After this Convention I go back to Agender and CA meetings before going to Sydney for the Seahorse Ball. After attending last years, I canít wait to see the many friends I have made down there. I was in Sydney in February this year visiting the kids, so took advantage to go to the Gender Centre and Seahorse.

The theme of the Ball this year is Showboat, set in the American Civil War period. Shades of Rhett Butler and Scarlett OíHara. I wanted to go Cross dressed as either a Johnny Reb or Yankee soldier as a tribute to all the Women who served as soldiers in that war. They were only found to be Women when either Killed or wounded. However, I have been firmly over ruled by everyone, so have to buy a Ball gown. Debby even went so far as to say she will disown me if I go as a soldier! I have a pretty hectic and lively life. I thought I had retired in August 2000---but how wrong can you be. I enjoy every day and what it might bring. Meetings to do with the new QLD legislation. Meetings with Girls at the Jazzy Cat on a Wednesday evening for a meal. Having Stefi over for last Xmas, staying with Fran here---Meeting you all again, but most of all, I enjoy being a WOMANóall be it one who has suffered from a very long bout of Transsexualism.

I really enjoy the girlie things in life now, Going shopping with Debby and my Lady friends---going to the Ballet and shows---meals out or just coffee and talking about girlie problems, oh yes I have had a few of those and it was my Daughter and Lady friends that got me through. Spending 3 hours having a hairdo, Facials, Eyebrows waxed and tinted, Lashes tinted, Pedicures and discussing what colour nail varnish. I love dressing up to go out, but love to slop around the house and garden in something old. The feeling of being accepted by all whom I come into contact with and the confidence this engenders.

Taking other girls out shopping, for coffee or a meal. I guess what I am saying is-----I have been extremely lucky in the acceptance I have received, and it is sometimes very dreamlike, as if my dreams have all come true. I am emotional, cry easily, but then

I am WOMAN and I love being one!

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