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My Pituitary was not functioning properly

In 1997 it was found that my Pituitary was not functioning properly, in fact I was manufacturing Prolactin at about 1500 units to about 3 units of Testosterone. It was decided that I should go onto Male HRT to combat this situation and I embarked on 2 courses. It was of no use, as I had to come off when the hormonal levels were corrected, but they very quickly reverted back to what they had been, high Prolactin and low Testosterone. This had the effect on me of seemingly going through Male then Female puberty and upset my mental balance to such an extent that I could have jumped off the nearest bridge. In 1998 my Wife, GP and I sat down and it was decided to go with the Female hormones and see what was going to happen to me naturally. At this time I was still working and sporting a beard.

As the months went by I started to notice changes in my Mental make up—more emotional ,weepy and softer as Jean put it. My body was changing too, and I was developing breasts, skin texture changing and the Male musculature were going. In 1999 I could no longer resist the deep inner urges that I had covered for the last 20 years and took off the beard, bought clothes for Jan as I then was and started dressing again. In early2000 I told Jean and confessed that I wanted to be a woman, and that I always had for as long as I could remember. She was shocked but said she would support me, and she did until her untimely death in October 2000. By now my daughter Debby knew and gave her support as well. In November 2000 I joined Seahorse and mixed with CDs and some TSs who were there.

I was still evolving mentally and physically and was now into Kathy nearly full time as I had retired at the end of August 2000. I started my quest to transition and came into contact with ATSAQ who gave me introductions to a trannie GP, Endocrinologist and Psychiatrist. In March 2001 it was decided I should go onto low Female hormones, but this was soon increased by my Endocrinologist with Aldactone added. My breasts were growing, my shape changing, my hair was now in a female style. When I went to NZ in June 2001 I had to travel as my Male self due to passport requirements and again for our 7 week World trip. On return I was back to Kathy full time, receive the OK from my Psychiatrist, Endocrinologist and Surgeon to transition. Electrolysis is a problem as you cannot go dressed with 3 or 4 days growth, but then this was understood. In November 2001 I became as Female as I can ever be and the long road from transition {40 years ago} to completion was over.

I still am producing Prolactin, taking hormones and Androcur. My feelings are totally Female and I have erotic dreams but no wish to form a relationship now or in the future. What has happened to me is bordering on the bizarre as I find that I am uncomfortable when I go to see my friends at Seahorse. I find it hard to come to terms with a "Man in a skirt".I am and always will be Heterosexual, so if I did form a relationship I would look for a Man.

I have decided that under the current circumstances I must stay away from Seahorse because of the upset it creates in my feelings. I have tried to explain these feelings to a good friend and his support and hope they understood.

Basically, I am into puberty that a girl goes through, coming to terms with my changing body and emotions. The lady support said it is to do with the hormone levels during the month and is not unlike the monthly female cycle with mood swings and for me enormous highs and lows due to the enormous changes going on and the speed of it all. I feel because of all of these feelings, changes or whatever I have to write them down and discuss them with all of my 3 specialists. Endocrinologist—are my hormone levels too high or too low? My Surgeon and Psychiatrist, if they think there is anything abnormal in this.

I am sure I am not unbalanced but in the grip of great change at a very fast speed and am trying to come to terms with all that is happening. This in some way may be of help to my 3 Specialists and others if in the same situation. I realise that I am pumping Prolactin out, which is not the case with every TS, so whether this is unique I cannot tell.

Kathy Anne Noble 24/03/2002.

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