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Jeans Story (Kathy's Wife)


"She stood in the shower, gently massaging the scented bubbles around her breasts, over her tummy, between her legs, then down each leg in turn. Next, she massaged her arms, turning slightly to the left, then the right, rubbing the bubbles all over her back. Although the room was steamy, she became aware of his eyes watching her every move…

With a towel wrapped around her, she stood in front of the dressing table mirror and started applying make-up to her face. First she gently applied face cream, then foundation. She powdered her nose and applied blusher to her cheeks. Her eyes were deep blue, and she liked blue eye-shadow to match. Her eyebrows were pencilled in a light grey. Her lips were full, and she had to decide which colour to wear - there was a pink and several shades of red. She chose a rose-pink colour and carefully traced the outline of her lips with her lipstick.

The perfume choice came last. So many to choose from: Estee Lauder, Fraganard from France, the fruity fragrances of lemon, apple, or perhaps the musk? She chose the apple fragrance and sprayed a little on her breasts and arms.

Although she was alone in the room, there were three mirrors on the dressing table, and she could see his reflection in one of them. His eyes were watching her every move…

Her hair was blonde, curlier these days, and much easier to look after. Her routine was simple. After shampooing and conditioning, she applied a little mousse to fluff up the curls. She scrunched the curls with her fingers and applied a little hairspray to keep them in place. His eyes were watching her every move.

Her wardrobe was extensive. She would need more space for all the dresses he had helped her choose. Her collection of lingerie was extensive too; every favourite colour imaginable: black, dark blue, light blue; so much satin and lace. She chose her favourite lingerie; pale blue bra and briefs, almost see-through and very tantalizing to him.

To choose a dress was the hardest part for her. Would the black lace, blue lace, or pale blue cotton be appropriate? She chose the black, two-layered dress which was simple, elegant and long. Black stockings and suspender belt and black high-heeled sandals were a perfect match, and she was pleased with the result. His eyes were watching her every move…

She had performed these rituals every day for many years, and had delighted in his interest, finding it very flattering.

He had bought her a great deal of lingerie over the past year, carefully selecting the most expensive European lace and satin for her. She had proudly paraded in them for him, before putting them away to look at occasionally.

He was very particular in what he liked. He liked her to take care of her appearance and she obliged naturally. Every morning she would be very careful to present herself for his approval and admiration.

One day however, the reason for his interest in everything she did in the bedroom became very clear. It explained why he now watched her with far more interest than ever before. He had a very personal curiosity in her that he needed to satisfy.

Unbeknown to her, for over a year in a cupboard in her office, was a box which she had thought contained important papers, but there were no papers in it. Instead, she found that there were many items of female attire; lingerie, dresses, shoes, make-up - everything imaginable. So that was why his eyes were watching her every move…

The constant scrutiny was for him - not for her.

It was "day one" of the revelation, and she was trying to deal with it. Now it was her turn to choose dresses, shoes and make-up for him. The first outing was traumatic for her. In the store, she felt that eyes were watching her every move…

When they got back to the privacy of their own home, he paraded in everything they had bought. He asked for her help in how to apply make-up. This was a lot to deal with.

Her emotions were mixed. She was confused. There was no point in crying.

Looking at him dressed as a woman, she felt that her husband, as she knew him, had gone forever - and that hurt. She had wanted a husband who was a complete man, and thought for so long that he had been the one. She couldn't bear to make eye contact with him. At that point, she knew that she would never want to be intimate with him again.

After a while, he changed back into his usual casual clothes, washed off all the make-up, and tried to show her that he was still the same person who loved her, but her heart was heavy. There was a chasm between them now. She had to be honest with her own feelings. She was not comfortable with this at all.

He confided to her that he needed to dress this way more and more often these days. Why did she feel that he was shutting her out somehow? He had even said that her affair did not bother him at all; he had his own diversions.

She had enough intelligence to wait and see if they could continue to live amicably together under the one roof. She would give it a little more time.

His eyes watched her every move that evening, wondering why there was no reaction from her. He had expected an emotional outburst - anything, but not this silence.

 For once she was at a loss for words, and could only express herself in writing. It was a living nightmare, but she had no idea what to do about it at that moment in time. She was doing her best to be compassionate and understanding, while at the same time feeling very lonely and not knowing why.

She could only hope something good would come of all this. There is a reason for everything. She would never give up hope. Never!"

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