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EVOLUTION 20-01-03

I am coming to believe that although many claim to know from an early age they are in the wrong body that this in not so. I believe we evolve!

We all start by cross-dressing as we have to start somewhere and this seems to confirm our need to be in feminine attire. Many of us are then happy to stay CD for the remainder of our lives however a few feel the desire to progress further. This I believe is the crux of the problem, as all the stories I have read are virtually the same. It is as if they have been learnt by heart---or "rote"---because it is recognised that the Medical Profession have for years supported this theory.

If this is true as claimed and none of them ever started as CD and progressed, why is it that I am finding CDís who in their 40ís 50ís and 60ís suddenly are wanting to go to TG and live in role, with a few wishing to progress to TS.

Andropause, family split, kids gone, more free cash, the need to express oneself now in a positive way. Certainly cross-dressing more starts and this seems to fuel the desire to move on. With andropause [male menopause] the drop in testosterone must and does cause problems, I know because I have been there! It appears that male HRT does not really work as it just makes you more aggressive and cranky. The male side of life seems to finish and the softening tends to lead one down the female path. Certainly if you have been CD or TG this seems to happen more and more.

Women are put onto HRT during menopause to counteract their problems. Males at the present time have no equivalent option in their health system. Only now is this being addressed & researched. When you look at the cross relation of drugs you begin to wonder what is going on. Testosterone is now given to women, and oestrogen given to men for certain problems. Is it any wonder we are so mixed up!

I have several friends who are in the age brackets mentioned and would move from one area to another given the opportunity. They have never claimed to have; "been born into the wrong body" They have enjoyed being CD, but now they want to spend more and more time as their twin sister with increased cross-dressing activities

To move on to more and more time spent as a member of the opposite sex, or live "in role" means problems for the relationship, which usually means the end of it. I have found that the longer spent cross- dressed or moving to TG means a huge drop in support from the partner.

How will a partner contend with another female around? Where has her partner gone? The cross-dresser may now feel safe to come out more and more, and if financially secure move to living in role. This opens up a Pandoraís Box that can only lead to problems.

I read that a TS in the USA said " I love Women, so decided to become one" How do you respond to that? Did she ever mention anything about being born in the wrong body?

We all in time move into the danger zone of cross-dressing, (i.e. too much and being overtaken by the feeling of becoming female). I would like to ask that case studies are considered on this very serious problem. Perhaps foodstuffs with female hormones in should be taken into account.

For some this could be their last or only great adventure. We now have Top Fashion Designers having Males wear false breasts and very much more Feminine clothes.

Are we witnessing "EVOLUTION" in the making?

I look forward to receiving your thoughts on this fascinating change in attitudes and dress codes. After all if itís good enough for the ladies to wear what they please doesnít it follow that their fellow men should also be allowed to participate without redress or fear of harassment.

Kathy Anne Noble.

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