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Why 2 doctors----Would have to be a combination of ----Surgeon, GP, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Endocrinologist as these are the only people that can state that you are now ANATOMICALLY FEMALE.

What if OP is done off shore? What if GP is off shore?

What if Surgeon is deceased or has ceased to practice.

Who is to witness these statutory declarations. Must the Statutory Declaration by the Doctor or GP be witnessed in front of the JP, Notary or Embassy staff? How will this apply if the person concerned is living abroad. Will the original letter from the Surgeon be accepted by the person who is to witness it. If Op performed in Australia or NZ and the person is living in Switzerland, how can the person witnessing the stat dec know if it is genuine, or does that come into the calculations.

At present we need letters from the Surgeon for both the Passport office and for HIC to amend their records. We would now need another letter as support of the OP for the conditions of the stat dec to be verified.

Statutory Declaration states "a surgical procedure involving the alteration of the personís reproductive organs carried out" In both MtF and FtM the reproductive organs are removed. This means in MtF the Penis and testes are removed. A vagina is formed and can be used for intercourse, but there is no Female reproductive system, ie:- uterus or ovaries. Breasts are formed either naturally or by implant. In the FtM the uterus, Ovaries and breasts are removed, testes and penis are formed but are not operational. The genetics of a person remains the same, but the sex has now been brought into line with the thinking of the person concerned. Should this read "An alteration of a personís Genitalia"

After some discussion with other Transsexuals, we feel that the Stat Dec should read "A surgical procedure involving the removal of the personís

Reproductive system, and an alteration to their Genitalia"

A MtF still remains as XY and the FtM still remains XX. This maybe different within the Intersex or hermaphrodite community. There a test would be done to determine how there X and Y genes are made up. To determine this, a Klienfelters or Turners test is appropriate. This is where ambiguities arise if other than XY or XX.

Have Intersex and Hermaphrodite been recognised within the legislation?

Am now told that by international law changes cannot be made overseas. The people concerned would have to return to Australia, see 2 Doctors, have an examination, fetch their documentation from the Surgeon in order to receive a new Birth Certificate in their new name and sex. I am checking with UK to find out if this situation will apply to me and others who come from there.

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