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November 15 th 2002---It’s hard to believe that on this date a year ago I was undergoing SRS. The year has literally flown by. So much has happened with highs and lows along the way. Off to New Zealand on my new passport for 3 weeks to attend Peri and Karen’s wedding. This was after 2 months of problems with no Professional support. Thank goodness I had Lady friends and daughters to help me through these problems. I have since realised that the change from Aldactone to Androcur was the cause. Hot flushes—Night sweats—Weight gain and most worrying chest pains. As I suffered a heart attack in 1988, I have to be careful. After checks and clear ECG and chest wall free of infection, it came down to Androcur causing the chest pains. I have since stopped taking Androcur and have no further chest pains, still have night sweats and the occasional hot flush though.

I have enjoyed my completed change and all that it means, apart from the above problems. However, once understood, then you can come to terms and do something about them.

Now I look forward to Hairdos—Shopping—Looking at clothes and shoes as never before. My wardrobe is extensive and I enjoy the usual feminine thing of "Nothing to wear"

Having always in my working life been in contact with people as a Financial Adviser, I look on Meeting people as an enjoyment and my hobby. Because of this I set up "Changeling Aspects" my Support Group for Transsexuals. This was in conjunction with the Hospital Board, Staff and Surgeon and it came into being in January this year. I enjoy meeting and talking to the girls before and after SRS. Visiting them in hospital is an integral part of it and it gives great satisfaction when you are thanked for a visit or contact before and after SRS.

I am also President of Agender QLD, and getting this up and running after importing it from NZ has been a very worth while exercise.

In my spare time—yes I do get some—I love going out with my Lady friends and of course my Daughter. Visiting family in Sydney from time to time and keeping in touch with more family in Sweden via E-mail. Gardening has become a real pleasure again, as has music and going out to shows.

My only relationship is my dog "Cookie", and I have decided that after 46 years of relationships—very happy ones in the main, it is now my time. I love my home and car and have some financial freedom, although the downturn in the markets has taken away some of the growth, so income is lower.

As I said my year has gone quickly and has been good, bad and indifferent, but I would not change it in any way. I am until my dying day a people person, and love to help where I can, and this will continue as long as I am capable.

I have been told that most of the problems I have encountered do not happen and that I am negative. I will enumerate what has happened and can only tell you that they are real and positive.

Men don’t make Prolactin

Why would you grieve for your old self?

Hot flushes, Weight gain, Night sweats, Chest pains and headaches.

Post OP Blues.

All of these are not a figment of my imagination, they are real, very real and do happen. Because I ask questions and am willing to research all of the above and more to find answers , I am sometimes regarded as "making people uncomfortable" because I ask them about the problems I have suffered and if they have.

We need to be more seeking of facts and answers, not just curl up and accept what we are told as being true. Even "Real Women" have been told untruths about HRT, now look at the outcome and consequences of the latest research! We are no different, demand to be told of known side effects for there are many. As Gianna E. Isreal says "We are consumers, paying the bill, so ask, and ask until satisfied".We all have different metabolism’s, so will be affected in varying ways, but we will be. To understand what you are putting into your body is a must, research it yourself, don’t glibly accept what you are told. Really most of us are too lazy to do other than accept what we are told as the truth. Drugs may suit one person and be virtual poison to another, and you are the only one that is suffering.

ASK QUESTIONS—CHANGE DRUGS IF NEEDED—above all stay healthy and happy with the NEW YOU.

To afford a happy outcome 3 items are essential and they are.



And A FINAL PLAN to be adhered to at all times. Without these you are staring at a possible disaster.

I wish you all a trouble free Transition, Good health and a long and happy life.

Kathy Anne Noble.

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