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This was held in the Brisbane City Hall and was well attended by about 70 people. There were information stalls for people to pick up literature. At just after 6.30 pm the 10 speakers and the organiser filed onto the stage. After a lengthy introduction by the organiser we were off and running with Professor Milton Diamond, then his wife Connie. Most felt that there was not enough time allocated to them, as 10 minutes per person was scheduled. They were followed by Krissey from ATSAQ Andrew a young FtM who spoke very well and is very well adjusted. We had a longer discourse from Shelley about support for younger children who come out while at school.

Very interesting and they mainly support Gay and Lesbian, but will support Transgender. The group is totally voluntary with about 30 outlets in Australia. Because it is very hard for youngsters to come out and there is no "best time" they find the suicide rate is 3 times the National average. After the break Detective Superintendent John Riley of the QLD Police gave his talk on attempting to break down barriers. This they have attempting since 1991 when it was first muted but did not work when finally set up in 1995. We now have a Police Liaison group which is run in conjunction with input from the LGBT so that the idea is to break down Police prejudice towards our community. The liason group now runs training sessions for all new Police officers in conjunction with LGBT over a 3 day intensive training course to help to overcome any prejudice that may exist.

He said "Vision is the catalyst to create support groups" The LGBT community is about 10% OF THE WHOLE COMMUNITY SO SHOULD HAVE ENOUGH CLOUT TO LOBBY BOTH STATE AND FEDERALLY BY FORMING COMMITTEES. If we do not do this, it will remain as is, useless. Gina {ATSAQ} every state has different anti discrimination acts. Wants TGs included in the QLD anti discrimination act ASAP. She has done immense work in this field and after many knock backs is still hammering at State Government. At present suicides are down from 30/40 a year to about 5. Interestingly out of 137 suicides not one wrote a suicide letter.

This Lady is all guts and works very hard for the TS community, but we have to all pull together if we are to achieve what John Riley advocates. Susan Booth acting Anti discrimination Commissioner. She has recently taken over from the preceding one. She said QLD had the best Anti Discrimination laws 10 years ago, but are now way behind.

She hopes that the Attorney General will adjust the laws by the end of this year, "Don't hold your breath"[my words].Would also like to see the laws on vilification amended as it is still lawful in QLD to vilify someone. After this she wants to tackle privacy laws and Birth Certificates. I wish her well. OPENDOORS This is a federally funded support group for kids 12 to 18. They started in September 2001 and opened their doors from January 2002 with 2 full time and 2 part time staff. They say that kids know at an early age what they are and need help coming to terms with their feelings. Senator Andrew Bartlett Very supportive of our cause and believes that State and Federal Governments are dragging their feet. Again another who believes in lobbying at state and Federal levels via your elected member. Summation Overall a very interesting evening.

I hope that we can show a concerted effort and that all areas of LGBT can work together. We have to overcome the fragmentation that currently exists, and within the TG Society we have to all pull together if we are to achieve any of the goals that were spoken about. It's a great pity that there is so much divisiveness within the whole LGBT community and even more within the TG community. Until we overcome these differences we cannot and will not go forward. We maybe 10% of the whole Community, but that is the sum of the whole. At present it is more likely to be only 1% or 2% that will stand up and be counted and that is across the board!

Kathy Anne Noble.

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