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PROLACTIN, who or what am I...?

I am both benevolent and malevolent, a type of hormone Jekyll and Hyde.

Benevolent in helping with breast growth along with other hormones, and starting production of milk to feed babies.

Malevolent, as I am an Androgen antagonist and can destroy Testosterone if released in large enough quantities. Also the likelihood of an adenoma in between 15% and 3o% of the population which is seated in with the Pituitary becoming active because of over production of me. Also I cause loss of libido in males and breast enlargement. In females I cause breast secretion at any time other than a few days before childbirth or during breast feeding. It may cause headaches in either sex and if it presses on the optic nerves it can cause gradual loss of the outer field of vision.

At present I am being studied in many different ways, but they do not cover all situations.

I have 2 very irate clients, maybe more, but they do not wish to disclose the problems that I am creating. The first client started noticing something wrong in 1997, but nothing really happened until 1998/99 when it was thought I had caused a prolactinoma. Tests, such as a Cat scan were first done which seemed to indicate a pituitary tumour, but it was inconclusive. A MRI was arranged and found no trace of a tumour. Further tests proved however that my Hyde complex was working and I was causing my client to produce 3 times the normal amount. This evidently had been ongoing for some time and by now he was noticing bodily and mental changes. It was decided to stop the feminisation and fetch him back to Maledom, so bring on the Male HRT and the Bromocriptin.

The thinking was to boost the Testosterone by injections and wash me out with the Bromocriptin. This worked and soon I was back to normal levels as was the Testosterone. However then by law my client had to come off the HRT, so we swiftly returned to 3 times the normal level for me and virtually nil Testosterone. This happened twice with horrendous side effects caused by the Bromocriptin, such as retching and retching until he was only fetching up blood, plus was so dehydrated that he had to spend up to 4 hours in hospital being rehydrated by drip. This happened on 3 occasions and was enough to decide him to stop the HRT and the Bromocriptin.

It was now decided by his GP, Partner and he, that I should be given time to see what natural {3 times over the normal } production would do. He was becoming Feminised and enjoyed the changes as he had no other option, now the decision had been made. He started to dress more as a female and had already decided by 2000 that SRS was a distinct possibility. This coincided with his retirement in mid 2000, so now she emerged full time, Ms Hyde was working her wiles!

Still just running on my over production, it was not until early 2001 that oestrogen arrived on the scene in the form of Premarin and we were joined together to enhance what I had started. Also, something called Aldactone was introduced to decrease body and facial hair and as an Androgen block. Surely I was already doing this as has been proven.

He was now She and living that way and in November 2001 had SRS. All the required tests were taken and the relevant letters written. I felt very proud at what I had achieved, but could not believe that the International Standard of Care had not been applied in any shape or form. I am supposed to be tested for before the initial consultations take place to determine if my client was Transsexual, and over a 3-year period to see if I have kicked off a Prolactinoma. None of this was done.

After SRS in January 2002 we lost Aldactone, who was replaced by Androcur and with it my client started to encounter problems. Hot Flushes, Nausea, Weight gain, Insomnia and Breathlessness among others. She has suffered this until now, mid October 2002, and has come off the Androcur and may go back on the Aldactone. Donít forget in her case it is really only for body and facial hair, as I am still blocking the Testosterone and my production has risen by 4 points, I am really proud of her.

The amount of research she has done into my cause and effect on his/her life has been endless. To be told over and over these symptoms do not occur when she is suffering them on a regular basis is lunatic!! This lunacy is not hers, but those around her charged with her well being and their Duty of Care.

She has recently learnt that the University of Toronto is doing studies into these problems, so she is trying to contact them in order to put forward her problems in relation to the whole picture.

She has also very interestingly indicated that without my intervention she would still

be a He and a CD

Kathy Anne Noble.

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