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CA: Sports Medicine Body Promotes Presentation

on Gender Variant Athletes


From: Kathy Noble

Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2007 6:50 AM

To: 'kristen worley'

Subject: RE: Sports Medicine Body Promotes Presentation on Gender Variant Athletes.../



If you will excuse a good Aussie term, I think you are BLOODY marvellous and we should all be extremely proud and thankful to have you as such a remarkable person. I am very pleased to say that I know you, even tho it is not in the flesh, but who knows?

Love and Peace, Kathy

From: kristen worley

Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2007 6:24 AM

To: Kathy Noble

Subject: Re: Sports Medicine Body Promotes Presentation on Gender Variant Athletes.../


I am thinking from what is happening, the APA is re thinking their plan - :)

Lynn and Christine have been publishing in wide circles as well -

I am sure now, they are feeling extreme pressure, now we've outed Ken Zucker and CAMH's story too outside circles -

They cannot fight anymore, knowing how high level this has become - Sport has really helped me greatly for balance -



On 13-Apr-07, at 4:17 PM, Kathy Noble wrote:

Hi Kristen,

Thank you for that. This too will be on our web site. All we need now is an answer from APA, and we will be getting somewhere.

Love Kathy

From: kristen worley

Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2007 2:57 AM

To: Kathy Noble

Subject: CA: Sports Medicine Body Promotes Presentation on Gender Variant Athletes.../

CA: Sports Medicine Body Promotes Presentation on Gender Variant Athletes

The Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine ( CASM - ) has begun publishing details of a groundbreaking breakfast presentation by Cycling and Water Ski competitor Kristen Worley at a recent international sports medicine symposium (WIISM 2007), that took place in Quebec last month.

Kristen, with professional golfing associate Mianne Bagger, has been making big waves in the Canadian Federal health and sporting establishments over the last few months, campaigning for a recognition of the manner in which Sports Medicine abuses ALL women competitors, and especially marginalises trans and intersex sportsmen and women through the current approach to rules for taking part -- the so-called "Stockholm Consensus" hastily developed in 2004, at the time that the UK's Gender Recognition Act was being debated in Parliament.

Kristen's case, put to a fascinated audience of sports medicine professionals, is that the world as a whole, and the ethics of sport in particular, has been misled and compromised by having left gender variant people in the hands of psychiatrists and sexual health academics for the last few decades. She explained how this has led to the suppression of knowledge that would have helped sports leaders and the general public to have a differently informed, and more positive, attitude towards the reality of variation within the conventional idea of what makes a man or a woman. Nowhere has this been more important than the way in which she says sport has been led to abuse female athletes and pillory / exclude those who don't fit the mould.

Ms Worley's approach is radical in this field, insofar as she is pitching her message towards a much bigger issue than the question of trans women and men taking part in elite level sports. Her message has particular significance in Canadian federal circles, as the Government gears up to become an Olympic host nation itself.

Doctors who attended Kristen's packed early morning seminar in many cases admitted afterward that her words had changed what they thought about a topic they had imagined to be cut and dried. Kristen says, " I was inundated by Sport Med Docs, wanting to engage with me .. wanting to take part in the bigger picture .. lend their expertise .. I was constantly embraced throughout my time in Quebec City, with doctors wanting to talk to me".

One doctor is reported as saying, "...That was a presentation that was thought provoking, educational and motivational that I have been to in a very long time - I came in thinking one thing, and I have did a complete 180 in my thinking of what I thought I new or believed this was about ..."

The implications of Kristen's work go far. Not only is she gunning for fresh changes in the approach by the International Olympic Committee's medical community (whom she accuses of continuing covert sex testing), but her words are also directed towards the entire approach of allowing psychiatry so much control in the lives of trans and intersex people -- the power to pathologise their difference as a disorder, and especially the powers which some of them continue to seek over the lives of young trans people and their families.

Unlike some of our own recent events there is no recording or verbatim record of Kristen's presentation. There are notes from which her talk was drawn and there are the comments of those who were there, and the evident engagement of senior sports and medical figures in following up the event. The Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine has made Kristen's slides available though --

Which you can see at - -( 536 KB )

It may not be possible to fully deduce what she had to say from these, but you will see from these that she presents a wholly different image of trans and intersex people to the sports medicine community than most of them had probably ever seen before.

- Christine Burns

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