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Comment on the APA Task Force Draft - March 2007

( APA - American Psychological Association )

"Dear Ms. Worley:

Because of extensive travel in July, I have been remiss in informing you and others that the Task Force has fallen behind its schedule for completing the first draft of its report. They are now aiming for the end of the year for having the first draft of their report ready for seeking comments before submitting the report to APA governance review beginning in March 2007.

Best regards,

Clinton Anderson"

From: kristen worley

Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 9:21 PM

To: Anderson, Clinton; Margaret Schneider; DeLong, Charlene; President

Cc: ...........

Subject: APA Task Force Draft - March 2007.../

re: APA Task Force Draft - March 2007.../

* Mr. Anderson, I have also cc'd Mr. Koocher, I will hope you will engage him in this as well - I am quite certain, will be a needed education and enlightenment for him as well -

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I just pulled this email from you dated August 6th 2006, in response the extension of the expected draft deadline - Can you when you have a moment engage us and let us know if you are still able to met this extension timeline as you projected back in August?

I would appreciate as well could you cc those, in this correspondence to assure they are also advised -

As well if I could ask, since Ms. Schneider is the elected chair of the group by the APA, it would be certainly helpful to hear from her as well. Helpful as well, for  her to outline her experience and qualifications and how it came about that she had become elected as chair of the current Task Force -

If I could request, if she could send something along as a formal document would be appreciated - As most of us on this panel are highly educated in various fields of expertise as your well aware of, and we want to ensure this is dealt with with the highest standards in place. As well, we are extremely busy people, the more streamlined this process is, the better -

Thank-you and look forward to hearing from you shortly,

With professional regards,

Kristen Worley

On 15-Mar-07, at 12:53 PM, Anderson, Clinton wrote:

Dear Ms. Worley,

The Task Force now has a complete draft of its report in hand. We will begin the editing process soon, aiming for a draft that will be ready to be circulated for comment in early summer and submitted to APA governance for review beginning in early fall.

Best regards,

Clinton W. Anderson, PhD

Director, Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Concerns Office

American Psychological Association

750 First Street, NE

Washington, DC 20002-4242

(202) 336-6037

(202) 336-6040 FAX


From: kristen worley

Sent: Friday, March 16, 2007 3:59 AM

To: Clinton Anderson; Stanley Koocher

Cc: ......

Subject: Re: APA Task Force Draft - March 2007


Hi Mr. Anderson,

I was just thinking about you this morning - I appreciate this response from you. As you can see, I have cc'd other panelists to ensure of this commitment by the APA -

I wanted to mention I am speaking as a guest speaker at a major medical conference at the end of this month, to global medical physicians as a guest in Quebec City now confirmed over 350 professionals attending - Leaders in Olympic elite sport, of whom hold positions of state in specific countries, hospitals and practice right around the world.

We are talking about these many issues, and the very problems and liabilities caused by the Psychology community historically for the many decades impacting human life literally around as a assumed "mental health" issue, solely controlled by non medical physicians - As you well know have several examples of this, and supporting comments from key members of the APA, expressing core problems within the practices, ethics and accountability that does not exist within this community.

Which has greatly impacted the education and required medical support for gender variant and inter-sexed people around the globe, living in mainstream society.

Of which , TWO elect by the APA Task Force are part of this greater problem -

Mr. Anderson, it is very difficult to accept you have a "complete draft", because the source of applied content from elect sources are of the greater problem. Since too,  we have have asked on several occasions for information from member elect as well Ms. Schneider re qualifications etc., has not come from you. So it is difficult to think logistically what this draft document could have in it, since those on the panel are not well supported by other lead academics or remotely qualified in some cases.

Mr. Anderson, hence my contact with Stanley Koocher, so he is clearly aware of it - In Canada, our federal government because of the work by me and my colleague, sports woman Mianne Bagger, this month is leading the worlds first educational program, for the education of gender, gender variance and  inters-sexed, women/men and youth - And have a clear set mandate with funded dollars. Cleaning up our domestic house, and representing the issues in a leadership role internationally...

I assure you, the government of Canada will not be consulting Canadian Panelists on the current APA Task Force for very specific reasons, and much too do with the history and impact of their practices - And certainly, are not qualified - We have sought experts in medicine, physiology etc., as well academic leaders from WPATH, who are clear and understand the past liabilities and fractious nature this has had on women and men literally around the globe.

I ask and I point this comment directly at Stanley Koocher, extreme caution on your part - as this is a clear acknowledgment to you and the APA you know longer solely own and control the issues around gender variance and inter-sexed people - Through my efforst through the Olympic Movement, the medical and government leaders has had a real wakeup call - and are now becoming greatly aware the liability this has caused and put on vulnerable people needing to get on with their lives in the most progressive ways -

The APA has failed the people and children who they were suppose to (assumed by general public, medical, government) care for, but as well, society as a  whole to understand a natural being of gender variance/inter-sexed which we all face in society -

Mr. Anderson and Mr. Koocher in closing, anything from now on the APA submits I will assure you, as the medical community is highly educated on these issues,  that you'd better make darn sure you dot your I's and cross your T's - As I assure you will be submitted medical leaders and government for review as well. Just want to assure you both, you are not alone - assuring complete accountability.

I look forward to receiving the final document - As requested interim, could you please submit to panelist, Task Force elect resumes for review, as well, a statement why they were elected to the board. It would be very helpful at this time -

With professional regards,

Kristen Worley

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