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In the letter form Baroness Ashton, dated the 29/06/2006 to Lynne Jones MP it is stated that GRP will accept medical reports “on a case by case basis” This must be the best kept secret within the GRA 2004, as only Baroness Ashton, Lynne Jones, GRP and a select few outside of UK know anything about it’s existence.

By doing this, you are denying us full access to all available detail in order to be able to complete an application that should ensue in our receiving a GRC/BC from UK. Without full details listed we cannot know what is really required, or how to go about filling out the application and supplying medical reports. We cannot supply the Guidelines for medical practitioners and chartered psychologists without guidance. Do we get just the GMC registered GP(if we find one outside of UK)  to fill in one and leave the one for the chartered psychologist empty, as this will be filled in by the person verifying our status in UK? Do we still have our psychiatrist here who did the original assessment fill it in, or do we just send their initial report, the same one that is sent to the UK specialist? With respect your Honour, it is not as simple as you pretend it to be!

They are certainly not advertising, or broadcasting that this is fact, so why have it agreed by GRP to DCA?  There is no mention of this in the President’s Guidance, and the only significant differences in the revised issue, dated June 2006 are that at,

Section 2, Standard Application has been added.

Section 3, the first part of this section has been totally reworded

Section 4, now states, ‘is soundly based’

The real change is that a totally new section 8 has been added supposedly to cover what? It states “if the report is prepared by a registered medical practitioner or by a chartered psychologist who did not make the initial diagnosis of gender dysphoria it will be necessary for the person writing the report to confirm the diagnosis and indicate the basis upon which that confirmation is made”

Section 8 is now 9 and Section 9 is now 10.

This does not indicate in any way if this covers reports previously done by doctors now deceased, or medical reports written outside of UK, and gives no guidelines on how they are to be implemented for those living abroad.

For anyone who is living abroad and applying for the first time, there is nothing in your Guidance No 1 to give them any awareness of this fact. Equally, there is no mention in any of the guides to applying to enable them to know about this way of applying, by using UK based specialists to verify the reports of non GMC doctors on a (Case by case basis)  What is the use of having this facility that has supposedly been agreed by GRP and DCA when it is not advertised/broadcast as being available for use?

I would suggest that until such guidance in the President’s Guidance and in the guides that are part of the application process are accorded to the applicant, this will remain the best kept secret you have, also you will be receiving reports that do not meet the GRP criteria.

When you get a terse reply such as, “the President’s Guidance is designed to cover applicants living in UK and abroad. The President does not consider that further guidance is necessary. It is for each individual doctor to decide whether in any particular case he/she is in a position to provide the requisite supporting evidence”

What doctors are we talking about, those in UK or abroad? There is no mention of how the applicant is to go about this and what doctors in UK will provide this service.

How do we living abroad comply with this service, when it is living in stealth? How do we approach a doctor in UK and know that he is willing to accept this responsibility. Also that if they are willing to do these reports, those reports are to be sent to the applicant, not to GRP until the applicant applies.

There is nothing in the Guidance to show any interest in those abroad, or that we exist. There is no mention made of us and this could easily be dismissed as Guidance for UK only, until you read the above statement by the President. There is no mention made of how or who to contact and what reports are needed. Is it all medical reports, or more specifically just those that relate to Gender Dysphoria to be sent to the UK specialist for verification?

It is as though you wish those living abroad did not exist. We are not being dealt with in a civilised and reasonable manner. The DCA under it’s main heading says  “Justice, Rights and Democracy and investors in people” Where are any of these items  for us abroad?

What is the use of GRP and DCA agreeing to this format as in the letter dated 29/06/2006 by Catherine Ashton to Lynne Jones MP if it is not to be made public in a way that all can understand and use? More to the point, if GRP have agreed with DCA to use this route, why do you appear so unwilling to make knowledge of it available in a way that is clear and understandable to those abroad? It should now be mentioned specifically in the President’s guidance and also in the guides for applicants. This again to us, only indicates a total lack of interest and empathy with those abroad in their quest for their GRC/BC. This could be the answer to affording them a way of meeting the GRP/DCA criteria. What has been decided for those abroad are we to believe, as nothing is done to advertise this route?

Finally I would suggest to you again that there is no significant point in having this solution in place if only a select few are made aware of it. That is DCA/GRP, Lynne Jones MP and the people I represent, or is that the idea, to keep it to a minimum, a secret? If it is agreed as the way we abroad can use the system, then please broadcast the fact to all living abroad.


Kathy Anne Noble


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Changeling AspectsIn affiliation with Agender-(Aust) & Transbridge-(Townsville)

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