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Letters to Kevin Rudd (MP)

From: Kathy Noble []

Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 6:47 PM

To: ''

Subject: HREOC-2007-04-30.doc

Dear Sir,

 You might wish to consider the plight of the Transsexual Community. They are not only involved in the same sex saga, but also in health, welfare and legislation.

 I have taken the liberty of attaching our submission to the HREOC, and as you will see, we are not at all happy with the treatment that we receive from either the Federal, States or Territories Governments.

 Yours sincerely

Kathy Anne Noble

President Changeling Aspects

Board Member of QAHC

From: Wilkins, Patti (K. Rudd, MP) [] On Behalf Of Rudd, Kevin (MP)

Sent: Monday, May 21, 2007 6:19 PM

To: Kathy Noble

Subject: RE: HREOC-2007-04-30.doc

Dear Kathy

Thank you for your email concerning the unfairness of discrimination against gay and lesbian Australians.

The Labor party is committed to equality for gay men, lesbians and same sex couples and, if elected, will remove provisions which discriminate on the basis of sexuality.

That means ending discrimination in the areas of taxation, superannuation, social security benefits, the Medicare Safety Net, immigration, veteranís entitlements and all other areas (aside from the Marriage Act). All practical, day-to-day discrimination faced by the gay and lesbian communities will be removed from our laws.

At the party's National Conference in May, Labor formally committed to a nationally consistent system of state-based relationship recognition.  The scheme will cover a range of non-marital relationships including same-sex relationships, de facto heterosexual relationships and certain carer relationships.

These schemes would simply act as a means by which any de facto couple could register their relationship for the purposes of recognition by government.

Such schemes are not civil unions or gay marriage. There is no ceremony involved, and they would not come under the marriage power in the Constitution, nor affect the definition of marriage in the Marriage Act 1961 as "a voluntary union entered into by a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, for life".

Only a Federal Labor Government can deliver on law reform that allows gay and lesbian individuals to be treated with the same justice and dignity that they not only are entitled to, but that is already afforded to every other member of the community.

Kind regards,

Kevin Rudd

Federal Labor Leader

Member for Griffith

From: Kathy Noble []

Sent: Monday, May 21, 2007 7:00 PM

To: 'Rudd, Kevin (MP)'

Subject: RE: HREOC-2007-04-30.doc

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for your reply, but it does not address our areas of concern in the Transsexual community! As I am a Board Member for Queensland Association for Healthy Communities (QAHC), I am very aware of not just the Health and Welfare of the Gay and Lesbian Community, but we are also trying to have the Health and Welfare of the Transsexual Community presented!

At present, we have many other areas of concern, as to whether we are fully recognised in the States, Territories and the Federal Government systems. The whole area of legislation is a mish mash of laws that vary so much between the three areas of jurisdictions that we are completely at a loss to make sense of them. Add to this that the Federal Attorney-General has written to me stating that our concerns are dealt with by the States and Territories, and not at Federal level. However, we have to apply via the Federal system in order to change our Passport, Citizenship and Health Insurance Records after having had Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). This then makes it appear that the Federal laws do and do not apply to us.

Iím sure that by this time you can see some of the problems that we face. If born abroad, then this exacerbates an already heavy balance of laws, who does what and when, who covers people born outside of Australia, but more to the point, are we fully recognised, as it appears that we are not! I have been researching the Births, Deaths and Marriages legislations, and in most, if not all, we are not recognised.

I have been given to understand that the laws would have to be amended so that we could be recognised even though we, from the UK have been granted a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), as well as an amended Birth Certificate, we still appear to not be recognised, as the current legislations only recognise recognition certificates from other States in Australia. Currently there are only three States offering this facility to Transsexual people! They are South Australia (1988) Western Australia (2001) Victoria (2005). I am still trying to have a GRC offered in Queensland, and have been asking for this since 2004.

I hope that you can see the difficulties that we face, as being born abroad, and having to understand and cope with the mix of laws that face us in Australia.

Kathy Anne Noble

President Changeling Aspects

Board Member of QAHC

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